How to Reuse Your Old Furniture

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How to Reuse Your Old Furniture

Whether your attic is full of old furniture collecting dust or you’re trying to redecorate your space on a tight budget. Giving your old pieces a new look and purpose will help you bring a sense of novelty into your home without spending a fortune. Old furniture has a unique charm that exudes vintage beauty. This is why old pieces are used in homes as a way of creating rustic and chic décor. With plenty of inspiration sources and DIY tutorials available online, you can easily transform your old furniture into brand-new pieces. Here’s how to reuse your old furniture.

Old chairs into a new bench

Old Chairs into a new bench

Image source: Bobvilla

You’ve finished decorating your yard, picked a perfect lounge spot where you’ll soak in the sun and the only thing missing is a lovely outdoor bench. You were about to head to a furniture store when you remembered that you have several old chairs tucked away somewhere. Well, look no more for a comfy bench because you already have it! All you need is a bucket of paint, intricately designed upholstery fabric and your bench will be done in no time. Depending on the size you want for the bench, you can use two or three chairs, paint them in a lovely hue and link them by a comfy cushion seat. All that is left is grabbing a glass of cold lemonade and enjoying a beautiful, sunny day.

Old doors into a new headboard

bed headboard

Image source: yourpict

If you’ve always wanted a large trendy headboard in your bedroom, but couldn’t find one that would work well with your décor, you should test your skills and build one yourself. Find some old doors that you can use for this fun project and transform them into a stylish rustic headboard. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it’s also environmentally friendly because you’ll reuse your old material. You can repaint the doors, try out some simple wood-carving techniques or use them as they are; it’s completely up to you!

Old suitcases into new side tables

Old suitcases into new side tables

Source image: allwomenstalk

Giving your old pieces an unexpected purpose will definitely add character to your living space. If you want to create an ambience of authenticity in your home, you should think outside the box and experiment with your old furniture. An idea that will certainly bring uniqueness to your living room is using antique suitcases as side tables. You can use two suitcases and place a wooden tray on top of them as a sleek surface. Afterwards, you can add a vase with fresh flowers or a vintage lamp and your living room will have an enticing focal point.

An old bookcase into a new bar

An old bookcase into a new bar

Image source:Blossom

You have an amazing wine collection but nowhere to display it? Instead of spending a fortune on a designer bar, grab some tools and give your old bookcase a makeover. Depending on your general home décor, you can repaint your bookshelf and use a glossy finish for a modern look or stain wood to give your new bar an antique charm. For the rest, you can follow your imagination. While some of the shelves can be used for wine and other drinks, others can be used for your crystal glasses. Once you place your brand-new bar into your living room, invite your friends to enjoy it with you over a glass of fine wine.

An old coffee table into new nightstands

Another on the list of DIY projects is transforming your old coffee table into stylish new nightstands for your bedroom. Since you now have stylish suitcase-inspired side tables, you don’t need your old oversized coffee table. What you can do is saw it in half and your two nightstands are almost done. Afterwards, you can repaint or refinish them to give them a makeover. You can just attach them to the wall as two-leg tables or use them as freestanding nightstands by adding more legs.

An old vintage chest into a kitchen island

A kitchen island is a trendy and functional piece that will give your kitchen a completely new charm. Since kitchen islands can be quite expensive, you can make your own from a vintage chest. Keep in mind that this is a large piece that should fit into your kitchen décor. You can always add built in dishwasher to complete the look. If you aren’t experienced in decorating, there’s always an option to learn interior design skills beforehand and avoid making a costly mistake. This way, you’ll have an island that works perfectly with the general style of your kitchen.

By transforming your old furniture into new pieces, you’ll create a rustic and authentic ambience in your home. Not only will you add character to your home, but you’ll also avoid spending a fortune.

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