Reviving Your Property through Innovative Designs

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Reviving Your Property through Innovative Designs

Great designs can not only modernize your property, but they can also make it a truly welcoming place to live. What is more, it can add value to your home if you ever want to sell it.

The innovative design themes we are showcasing here are both beautiful and practical, something that modern homeowners rightly demand. Thinking of reviving your property through innovative designs and don’t know how to get started? Read for a few inspirational ideas.

Kitchen Timelessness

The stunning unobtrusive design needs to be balanced with ergonomics and long-lasting materials in the kitchen. Kitchen designs, as featured by Paul Mera, offers a sophisticated style combined with cutting edge technology. Added to this are durable natural materials such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel, glass and cast iron. Probably the key element which sets Gaggenau apart, enamel.

Comfort and Design

We all welcome comfort in our furniture and particularly in our sofas. But comfort can no longer be at the expense of style. What sets BoConcept apart is the ability for you to personalize almost every aspect of your sofa’s design. You can select the material, colour, size, layout, and even the angle of the armrests. This means that consumers are working in tandem with designers. From this, they gain expertise mixed with the expression of their personal preferences.

Move to Minimalism

Driven by our desire to lessen our reliance on natural resources, in recent years there has been a definite move towards minimalism. Minimalism and modern design go hand in hand, with clean lines, less ornate details, and reduced reliance on the pattern, colour, and textiles.

Much as we aspire to minimalism, however, this doesn’t always mean that we necessarily have less clutter in our homes. But what it does mean is that we favour designs that cleverly conceal this clutter behind closed doors, in our cupboards, draws, and wardrobes. Space is also now more of an issue in homes. Partly because many homes are smaller but also because we may be sharing our space with additional family members. A great deal of innovative design has come about because of our desire for sleek lines and space-saving elements.

Still a Place for Color

While it is true that many modern designs err on the side of the minimal pattern and neutral shades. There is space for bold accent colours. These are usually introduced by a single statement piece of brightly coloured furniture. Or through the use of a rug or piece of art.

Vintage Mix

Just as minimalism came about because of greater environmental awareness, so did the recent wave of popularity for vintage furniture. We know that we need to move towards a greater level of sustainability in our everyday lives. We have also come to appreciate that great design never goes out of fashion.

New Designs

Continuing this theme of sustainability. It is now felt that whereas interior design used to be on par with fashion design, in the sense that things moved fast and were equally quickly replaced. It is now felt that interior design evolves more slowly and that there is a greater appreciation for craftsmanship. This has already been highlighted by Amanda Lauren’s article in Forbes which looks ahead to the design trends of 2019.

Interior design is so expansive because we, as consumers, have such a wide range of tastes. The latest innovations need to sit comfortably with existing styles. We, as homeowners, should never be afraid to experiment with new designs. As this leads to a feeling of freshness in our homes and brings them up to date. Take inspiration from some of the innovative design themes above, and you will have a house that is modern, comfortable, and above all, feels like a home.

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