Rules for a great ‘Nakation’

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Rules for a great ‘Nakation’ 

There’s been rise in ‘nakations’ (naked holidays) among people all over the world.  Michael Klim, former Olympic swimmer, has shed his inhibitions and clothes while on a holiday in Croatia. He was snapped nude standing in front of a nudist beach sign that read – nudists welcome. The picture of the 36 year old former Australian Olympic swimmer surfaced on his wife’s Instagram page last Monday.

Nudists believe that being in the nude is to express their true form and a means to bring them closer to the natural world. Many people relate the experience of being naked in nature with feeling wild, healthy, alert, and spunky – Alive! The Topless Tour a new Internet trend is an example of people finding harmony and peace with nature, topless people getting closer to the natural world.

Recent studies have shown that nakations are great stress relievers, since exposure to sunlight promotes our body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in your body, some of the benefits include strong and healthy bones and muscles.  In addition adequate levels of vitamin D help fight depression, reduce anxiety and addiction and increase energy.

There are many nudists’ resorts to be enjoyed all over the world but there remain issues of etiquette. Just because you take your clothes off doesn’t mean you should strip yourself of manners.  Here is a list of 6 tips and rules first-time nudists need to know for a great nakation:

By the pool

Always put a towel over your chair. It’ll protect your skin from rough surfaces but also for reasons of health and hygiene. Towels will come in handy to cover some embarrassing excitement. Towels are probably the number one thing you want to pack before you head to your ‘nakation’.

Be polite

When you decide to lie down at the beach or pool make sure you respect people’s space and avoid staring. So if a couple is sitting by themselves, ask first before sitting close to them.

Bending over

Bend over just as you would if you had bathers on. Whatever you do it with grace.

Looking at others

You are in a nudist resort so looking is normal but not in a way that will make others feel uncomfortable. One of the most important etiquette is not to stare.


Here is where resorts vary, some will allow nudity while dinning and others not. Some resorts need to follow the countries rules about dinning and nudity.

Indoor spaces

Some resorts allow nudity all over their resort area and others nudity is only allowed whilst by the poolside. To make sure you might want to call in advance and find out.

Equipped with the proper etiquette now you can head to your nakation and enjoy a break from clothes and stress.



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