Running for physical and mental fitness

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Running for physical and mental fitness

Take up running today, if not only to get fit but to keep you sane. If you are a runner already, you will be pleased that you have been doing the best thing for your body and mind. Apparently, running is a holistic exercise underestimated by many and can prevent depression.

Running has more benefits than simply looking and getting fitter. The correlation of running for physical and mental health are being studied and science is finding surprising results.


According to a new study in Preventive Medicine, which included 1,128,290 participants, having a low cardiorespiratory exercise routine is related to a 75 percent higher risk of getting depression, and people with average workout levels have a 23 percent higher risk.

The good news about this, is that the cardio you need to do does not have to be insanely intense. Other studies from earlier this year published in the Translational psychology, discovered that taking up and combining a minimal amount of cardio and meditation, you can potentially lessen your chances of major depressive disorder by as much as 40 percent.

Another study, found that college students  who increased their cardiovascular activity were better able to self regulate:

participants who exercised showed significant improvement in self-regulatory capacity as measured by an enhanced performance on the visual tracking task following a thought-suppression task.’

With all this evidence supporting the benefits of running, it’s probably time that we all get our joggers out and start running. Of course not all of us are natural runners like Forest Gump.

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Small distance and slower runs still count or long walks with your pet who begs you everyday to be taken for a walk, they all make a difference in prevention of depression.

Whatever it takes because being crippled by depression is something none of us wants to experience.

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