Running out of storage?

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Running out of storage?

Are you finding that you are quickly running out of storage? Time to face the truth and learn how to fold your fitted sheets the proper way.

Do your drawers not close properly due to those horrible fitted sheets? At the shops they seem like a great idea because you don’t have to spend extra time stretching the sheet every morning so your bed looks nice and tidy for sleep time, right?

Getting these sheets to fit into your drawers without taking the whole space is another matter. You will find yourself running out of storage if you don’t learn how to fold those sheets properly.  In the scale of home chore scale, folding sheets is maybe 2 out of 10 in terms of difficulty.

Instead of trying to illustrate with pictures the process of folding fitted sheets, here is a great video to teach all of us how to fold fitted sheets properly and gaining storage in your house. We are just glad that this lady is willing to share her skills with the rest of us:



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