SAP BPC is a Compass For Business Users & IT Staff

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SAP BPC is a Compass For Business Users & IT Staff

Any business needs a business plan to activate its objectives and reach the goal. Business plan is like a document which is used for planning out particular details of your business. Business plan will monitor each and every move of the business and streamlines if any deviations occur while performing business operations. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation(BPC) is such a tool which helps your business in planning, budgeting, reporting, forecasting and financial consolidation capabilities in a single podium.

SAP BPC Overview:

Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is one of the modules in SAP. This tool is designed to support all the financial and operational activities in an organization. It helps in automating and aligning business planning, forecast and consolidation process in an organization in a single platform. It is a multi-user and robust dais that provides dynamic data storage, improved workflow management, better decision making and much more.

How BPC Tool simplifies the lives of business users & IT Staff:

Let us walk through the Functional and Technical capabilities of SAP BPC that make business users and IT team work with an ease.

Functional Capabilities

  • Co-operates With SAP ERP: Reduces data repetition and cost of ownership by influencing current data warehousing objects.
  • Powered by SAP HANA: Paces up planning and consolidation processing with SAP BPC in Netweaver platform. Removes calculation delays by leveraging fast in-memory mechanics.
  • Feasible in the Cloud: SAP BPC can be deployed in cloud environment and cost cutting is possible with the utilization of SAP HANA enterprise cloud. Companies like TekSlate reduced TCO by deploying several BPC solutions on AWS
  • Open Integration: Uninterrupted integration of data and master data from both non-sap and sap source into your financial planning & consolidation setup.

Technical Capabilities

  • Unified Planning and Consolidation : Reduces bugs and saves time with a single and integrated software solution for business planning and consolidation.
  • MS Office, Web and Mobile Reporting: Provides interaction to stakeholders across the finance and throughout the organization with HTML5, MS Excel and mobile reporting interfaces.
    Budgeting & Forecasting: To determine budget suitability in real-time scenarios, Scenario Planning and What-if modelling techniques are used. Setup forecast models and update forecasts as and when needed.
  • Built-in Financial Intelligence: Automates allocations, aggregations and manual processes if any to gear up planning cycles. To find out course corrections quickly, what-if scenarios are used.
  • Legal & Management Consolidations: Delivers an accurate solution quickly by automating consolidation process. Encounters all financial reporting essentials including audit trail.
  • Pre-packaged Business Planning and Consolidation Content: Swiftly implements best-in-breed solution with pre-packaged industry and provides functional content for all types of planning- right from capital planning to strategic planning.
  • Self-reliance and Accountability: Assist self-reliance in connection with business users by providing a finance tool, built especially to manage finance

Towering Business Values With SAP BPC:

With SAP BPC, you can focus more on how to grow business and less on closing the books. This revolutionary tool is installed every other day by many companies. Le tus see how companies benefitted using SAP BPC.

  • Eagle View of Enterprises Finances: Recently, an airlines company has disclosed the importance of BPC on designing an impressive 18-month financial forecast. In the middle of severe fluctuations in the weather, fuel costs, traffic and other influencing factors will affect profits of the business, but SAP BPC can predict well on financial forecasts.
  • Compelling Budgeting: With an effective financial forecast, company can construct a better budget plan on the specified elements in the forecast. Budgeting is pivotal in any organization, it is a decisive factor for company’s success or failure.
  • Access Real-Time Data: BPC is capable in retrieving the data from ECC 6.0 and other enterprises data systems simultaneously. With this real-time data update into the dashboard, user can view latest data. You can configure dashboards by going through SAP BPC Training very easy. It becomes easy for an organization to modify and manage business processes in correspondence with its negative representation of SAP BPC dashboard.
  • Smart Integration: Any company can achieve soaring business values with smart integration. BPC can integrate business data effectively and set budget and financial planning appropriately, this makes enterprise have an insight of what is going on in the business process. BPC also provides rooted visibility into the long-term and short-term financial forecasts.

SAP BPC provides everything to an organization in one single application and user-interface. BPC will help companies achieve a cooperative process which will allow you to align business objectives, better plan, improved performance, manage business process in a better way. The business sphere is mounting towards forward-looking softwares like SAP BPC, if you like to frame a career in the same then online training/learning would be an instant option.

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