Science answers the question: Does Penis size matter?

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Science answers the question: Does Penis size matter?

Science answers the question: Does Penis size matter? Science has finally answered the ever-fretting question of whether penis size matters. At one time or another men have asked themselves whether their most private member is big enough to please a lady. Ladies have asked themselves whether bigger means better sex and bigger orgasms.

Many people believe that size truly doesn’t matter, what really matters is how you use it. Is this belief true or is it a defensive response from those less endowed?

According to the scientific video below humans have the largest penises of any primate, in so far as absolute size and in relative body proportion.

This video explains penis size in relation to natural selection; survival of the fittest – sexual selection. Human females are drawn to man with larger penises as in many ways to ensure the survival of the species and passing thus the genetic trait.

Science delve into all the details surrounding this ‘sexual selection’ phenomenon, watch and put all your questions to rest about the age-old question – Does penis size matter?


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