Science Explains Boobs

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Science Explains Boobs

Human breasts are amazing and complex organs, so AsapSCIENCE gets into the science behind breasts and explains boobs which probably there’s a lot you probably don’t know.

Breasts are one of the few organs that aren’t fully developed at birth. While in most mammals the breast becomes enlarged exclusively during lactation, we are the only species on the planet to have perpetually swollen mammary glands.

Boobs are amazing starting with the fact that they can produce milk, or how they can change shape from week to week. Strangely enough, around 50 percent of the general population has one boob that’s smaller than the other, and most commonly, it’s the left one – known as breast asymmetry.

Breasts in Western Cultures are often a source of sexual obsession , yet there is so much that isn’t discussed about boobs and remain taboo.

Boobs a source of great pleasure for both men and women. Yep, studies have shown that stimulation of nipples not only enhance sexual arousal in 82 percent of women, but also in 53 percent of men. We’re going to go ahead and let AsapSCIENCE explain that one and many other factors that you probably don’t know about boobs. Human breasts are amazing, now go ahead and watch and learn.

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