Science Explains Female Orgasm

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Science Explains Female Orgasm

WIRED has taken the extra step to explain female orgasm with science projects. The kind of science that uses Play-Doh, baking soda and all the props you’d expect to see in a science class.

WIRED starts their video with an illustration of the male orgasms, by dropping Mentos into a bottle of Coke as a visual for male ejaculation, and then proceed to explain the more complex female orgasm.

So what is really going down when a woman orgasms? What do we know about it?

WIRED’s new video, “The Female Orgasm, Explained With Science Projects,” tackles these questions, gives a scientific analysis of the female orgasm and provides some unexpected statistics.

The key to the female orgasm is, the clitoris, which has around 8,000 nerve endings. Seventy precent of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Curiously, 20% of women are able to achieve orgasm just from kissing a recent study has shown.

What is more surprising is the video’s anal sex revelation. Apparently, 94% of women who had anal sex reported they could climax while doing so, which seems to contradict the popular view that women agree to anal sex merely to please the men. A lucky 10% of women can orgasm through exercise – what an incentive. A very small percentage (3%) of childbirths induce orgasms. This is especially useful as a woman’s pain threshold increases by 107% during orgasm.

See below WIRED’s video explaining female orgasms.


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