Science Explains Why We Feel So Sleepy.

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Science Explains Why We Feel So Sleepy.

 There is a very good explanation why you feel so sleepy in the morning. Science explains why we feel so sleepy. 

A leading sleep expert, Paul Kelly, of Oxford University’s Sleep Circadian Neuroscience, has suggested that the 9-5 daily routine the majority of us endure, isn’t healthy because it doesn’t fit with natural sleep patterns. Instead he suggests we should start work and school at 10 am. He also adds the group age worst affected by this are 14-24 year olds.

According to Kelly, traditional work patterns have created a ‘sleep deprived society’. Frequent sleep loss is dangerous and can leave us sluggish, anxious, moody, less focused, lead to weigh gain and have alarming damaging effect on your appearance.

Teenagers and workers worldwide would approve and support Kelly’s findings, however employers may take some convincing. Unfortunately for all of us change is nowhere soon to be seen. So back to our arduous routine of 9-5 work and school hours. We can always hope that things will change as a rested society will be happier, focused and more productive.

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