Science Says Drinking Coffee Helps Fight Breast Cancer

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 Science Says Drinking Coffee Helps Fight Breast Cancer

I love coffee and rely on it to get me going in the mornings, everyday. This ancient drink with its aromatic power and flavoursome taste has since its existence thought to have medicinal properties.

Several scientific studies have shown that coffee has a protective effect against breast cancer and other cancers. A new Swedish research study now sheds light on why coffee can, at least when it comes to the silent killer cancer, be considered a health drink.

This study showed that coffee could be a powerful tool for recovering breast cancer patients.

A follow-up study of nearly 1,100 women found two or more cups of coffee a day slowed tumor regrowth for 500 women battling breast cancer and taking the drug tamoxifen, an estrogen inhibitor.

Those participants who’d taken tamoxifen and consumed two cups of coffee a day had smaller tumors and a lower proportion of hormone-dependent tumors compared to those who only took the medication.

It seems the caffeine and a secondary ingredient of coffee, caffeic acid, affected the body’s communication with cancer, resulting in more cell death and less reproduction.

Ann Rosendahl, one of the researchers, explained to Sweden’s The Local

“The caffeine turns off the signal paths to breast cancer cells. This results in slower cell proliferation and increased cell death…

…at diagnosis it was found that the cancer was less well developed in coffee drinkers than among the rest.”

So don’t skip that medicinal and aromatic, happy moment in the morning that gives the kick to get started.

Watch the video below about the history of coffee:


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