The Secret Of Making Your Boobs Look Bigger

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The Secret Of Making Your Boobs Look Bigger

Remember those days back when you were a teenager girl and couldn’t wait to be all grown up with a big pair of boobs?

If you happened to have been a late bloomer you resorted to cleaver tricks at creating the illusion of big boobs. I recall stuffing some paper tissues in my bra and that did the trick.

This video below will remind you of those teenage years and make you wish you knew about this great and realistic way at faking a massive chest.

Hint: You’ll need a couple of pair of clean socks, a Miraculous push-bra and some bronze and highlighter too.

The road to a bigger chest is quite simple; you get an over-sized bra, stuffed with socks, apply bronze to the cleavage for depth and last apply highlighter to make those ‘girls’ glow.

Cleaver illusion really, and also fun to just entertain the notion of what it is like to be a big busted lady. It might give you a boost in confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Why not! Realistically however, better to love the body you are in. Big chests will certainly attract a lot of male attention but not for the right reasons.

There is more than just your looks that will make a man want to stay with you, it does help if you have nice boobs to draw his attention. That’s when an ordinary push up bra might work its magic; it’s literally just a little help.

There are other qualities that men look for in women aside from their physical assets. They are looking for someone who is fun, loving, tolerant, and shares the same view of the world as him. The extras, such as massive boobs, are great if they come in the same package.

Be who want to be despite the size of your girls and the lads will give you the attention you want. Plus not everyman is a boob man as there has been a rise of the ‘ass man’ in recent times. So girls get squatting!



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