Should I See A Doctor Right After A Vehicular Accident?

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Should I See A Doctor Right After A Vehicular Accident?

One of the common mistakes people make after a car accident is they delay treatment. People postpone treatment because they often think that they are healthy and don’t need to go to a doctor. Should I see a doctor right after a vehicle accident? The answer is yes every time. Delaying treatment is a big mistake and will significantly put your health and potentially your life at risk. 

Get checked by a medical professional right away


It is crucial to have yourself checked by a medical professional right after an accident; because doctors are trained to spot the traumas the human body sustained from an accident. Some people think that they can bear any injury from a crash because they don’t see any visible bruises. It is still best to have yourself checked by a health care provider to have a proper assessment.

It is highly recommended to have a medical assessment and consultation with an injury lawyer within 72 hours after the car accident. If you fail to do so, you reduce the amount of money the driver’s insurance company will give you as compensation for the injury you sustained. 

It is also best to know the different insurance policies on claims when it comes to vehicular accidents. Most insurance companies nowadays have software programs that assist in evaluating claims. A delay in treatment can significantly reduce the amount you will receive.

 It is also highly advised that you seek an accident attorney’s help to guide you through this dreadful process.

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Where do you go to get treatment after an accident?

If you have a trusted family doctor, you can call your doctor and tell them about the incident. Let them know of the incident that you encountered and visit them as soon as possible. There are family doctors who also do house calls. If you don’t have a family doctor, you can go to a nearby urgent care facility to be assessed. 

If in case there are no emergency care facilities around, you can go and see a chiropractor. Although not everyone considers a chiropractor to be a medical professional, insurance companies recognize a chiropractor as a physician. Chiropractors can perform medical examinations on a patient and record findings. What is important is that you get to have a written record of the results after the incident.

If you don’t have money for treatment, you still need to see the doctor. Going to the emergency room at once can help you in the long run compared to delaying treatment. Delaying treatment may endanger you because there are injuries that are not easily spotted.

Let the medical professionals check you to make sure that you get the proper care that you needed. The medical findings also can solidify the case against the driver at fault and strengthen your claim.

If you’re still having doubts about going to the doctor right after an accident, remember the 72-hour rule. Have yourself checked by a medical professional before the 72 hours is up to make sure that you did not sustain any injury. A medical checkup will also help to decrease the chances of lowering your claims from the insurance company.


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