Should You Shift to Smart Electrical Meter? Who Can Install It?

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Should You Shift to Smart Electrical Meter? Who Can Install It?

The idea of installing smart meters is fascinating. However, many people out there don’t know what exactly this new technology has to offer. So, they have several questions regarding it.

In this post, we’ll cover; what a smart electrical meter is, major advantages of installing it and who can install it for you. As well as, some common fears that people have about it. Should you shift to smart electrical meter? Who can install it?

What Is A Smart Electrical Meter?

At present, smart meters record your electrical power usage at every half-hour interval. This recording interval might get reduced in the future. The major distinction between smart and other conventional meters is that your electricity usage information is straight away sent to your electricity retailer. Thus, your electricity retailer will get correct readings without requiring to send someone to your property to take physical readings. Sometimes, physically recorded meter readings aren’t correct due to the mistake committed by the reading professional. As a result, you end up receiving an electrical bill that reflects incorrect electrical charges.

Currently installing a smart electrical meter is optional.

  • There is no legal requirement yet that you should upgrade your current (conventional) meter into a smart meter. Moving forward, all new meters installed should be smart meters in most parts of Australia.
  • If you don’t wish to install a smart meter because you don’t want your electricity retailer to possess your property’s real-time electricity consumption data. You can request a non-smart meter.

Major Advantages of Installing a Smart Meter

  • When you upgrade to a smart meter, you’ll get access to an increased number of tariff structures (i.e. power discounts). However, it’s prudent to check if upgrading to a smart-meter would impact your existing deal. (i.e. rewards or discounts with your current energy retailer in any way).
  • As smart-meter delivers real-time data consumption information of your property to the energy companies. So, you will get the electricity bill that reflects your true power consumption. This is good news for both home and business owners.
  • Another significant advantage is that electrical distributors can detect faults and speedily provide quick responses. In addition, connection charges are at a lower side for properties with smart meters installed. Since there is no need for a meter reader’s service requiring visiting your property first; so, that they can generate your electricity bill.
  • Energy companies out there are keen to implement this technology; as smart-metered properties deliver them with regular information-flow and remove the requirement for on-site readings.

Are There Any Downsides of Installing a Smart Meter?

There are no real downsides; however, people have few concerns, which are listed below:

  • Some people are worried that the smart meter might be hacked. This is a genuine concern that goes with most connected devices.
  • Moreover, if you plan to move your home or business property to another location for any reason, you won’t be able to relocate your smart meter.
  • Some feel that this is a type of invasive technology, as energy retailers out there can get access to your half-hourly energy consumption readings; which they might use for their future marketing endeavours.
  • Higher installation costs are associated with smart meters. It’s right they cost a bit more than your standard meter. However, many energy retailers will bear this initial cost on the customer, but they will see to it that the customer is thinking about it.
  • Though rumours were making rounds about smart meters inflicting harm to home wiring systems or other appliances. No tangible evidence has been obtained, so far.

Who Can Install a Smart Meter?

Earlier, Level 2 electricians were only authorised to install electrical meter; however, of late the rules were changed to accommodate the electrical retailers as well. So now electrical retailers also have their personnel to perform smart meter installations. Herein lies the problems — they’ll come and just hang the meter, but they won’t solve any problems that avert them from doing it properly. In many instances when customers have requested energy retailers for a new meter — the installer would visit the customers’ property and leave one of the following notes if they’re unable to install the meter:

  • The board isn’t weather-proof.
  • The main switch is not compliant.
  • Service fuses are not compliant.
  • Meter can’t be hung as the board has asbestos.

If they find any of these issues then they won’t touch it! Therefore, when you want to install a new electrical meter, you will have to make the necessary changes to your switchboard so that it can handle it, and only a Level 2 electrician is authorised to make those changes.

Final Words

If you want work performed on your existing electrical meter or want to upgrade to a smart meter in Sydney, then get in touch with a Level 2 Service Provider, and they will get your switchboard ready for it.


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