Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind

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Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind

Making your wedding stand out from all the other cliché ones. Breaking the routine of ordinary and plain ceremonies is not an easy task. Especially, when the budget is tight. It can be rather demanding and tough to get creative and wow the guest. Nowadays there are innumerable nifty and affordable things that you can either make on your own. Get a good bargain for or find an extravagant but simple crafty product that will surely blow everybody’s mind. If you are still in two minds, think no more. Read on the following ideas to discover an affordable way to spruce up your big day. Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind.

Paper flowers

You would be amazed how a simple and cheap thing such as paper can look stunning when it’s made and placed in the right way. You have probably heard of origami skill, right? Some origami flowers can be hard to master, but not impossible. You can get various coloured paper, but it would be useful to stick to your wedding theme and colour, and then find some easy videos on how to make gorgeous wedding origami flowers. It only takes patience and practice, but the end result will undoubtedly blow your mind. 


Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind

Dazzling string chandeliers

When you have set your mind to hold your wedding out in the open, and once you have set your mind (and budget) to a perfect setting, next pivotal thing is the décor and those tedious little things. If your outdoor wedding is about to take place in a forest or place where there are plenty of greens, then the simplest thing to do is to hang string chandeliers. Chandeliers look elegant and luscious no matter the colour and shape, and they signal grace, which will instantly give your wedding an extravagant boost. 

Wedding in open plains

During summer, especially when it is scorching hot, every single guest will be searching for a cold drink and for an ideal shade. If your outdoor wedding is going to be held in the open plain, where there is no shade in sight, or in the backyard with no possibility to hide for the sun, then you need to find the practical, professional and affordable solution. The best bargain would be to get a pergola, retractable roofs or awnings since that would only give you the proper guarantee that everything will run smoothly and protection from the sun and rain. The best idea is to consult the experts because you do want to get the best service and quality of your shade even long after the wedding.

Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind


Enticing cocktail table

Every guest likes a bit of warm-up before the grand ceremony. With refreshing and delicious cocktails there can’t be a mistake. Instead of hiring an expensive cocktail cart, you can in advance get a few signature alcoholic beverages, various juices, and loads of ice, and only hire a skillful barista that would be making and serving the cocktails. Place the cocktail table anywhere you want outside, but the advantage of being out is that you don’t have to be fixed at one place, but rather move anywhere you wish.

Opt for a vintage dessert corner

You are out, the weather might be unpredictable and changeable, you don’t want your wedding cake to be standing on a display the whole day, but you still want a dessert table and for your guests to satisfy their sweet tooth, what to do? For starters, you can find an old, rustic and vintage cart or table, that your granny surely must have, place some beautiful table cloth, and place numerable sweet delights. You don’t need to pay extra for the caters to get a captivating dessert table, no, you can organize our family and neighbours the day or two before to bake some chocolate muffins, macaroons, or other simply and quickly-made cakes. You’ll save a few buck, and fun along the way.


Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind


DIY Photo Backdrop

Probably your photographer will be able to find majestic sights in nature to take your one-of-a-kind wedding photos of just the two of us. A great idea would be to hire a photo booth, but they can be rather expensive, however, you can make some props and a photo backdrop that they use. Get some colourful streamers and hang them on a string from tree to tree, or use again flower origami idea and glue them to a large display board which you can hang and take the pictures there. Get sticks, plain white paper, and multicoloured paper and make sayings like “Best wedding ever” or “Just married”.

Decorative table garlands

When you are having your wedding reception and party outdoors, you should let the surrounding and atmosphere speak for itself. Place white candles along with low-lying tree libs, choose flowers that match the outdoor surrounding and wedding theme. You can even get the golden or silver glittery spray and spray the garlands. That is one of the crafty ideas to have beautiful decorative table element where you don’t need to spend much money on, and it will still look fascinating.


Simple and affordable outdoor wedding ideas that will blow your mind


It is hard to get perfect sound with live bend when you are out in the open, and you need to have high-tech equipment to get everything running smoothly, which is costly. Instead of living bend or full string orchestra, you can hire a DJ or solo musicians. Your mind will be totally blown out when you see what a single man can do. DJ will uplift even your great-grandfather, and he mixes music for all genres and types of people. On the other hand, solo musicians with either a guitar or synthesizer can make a more romantic atmosphere, which is ideal for chill night weddings.


Get creative, and get all your options out and consider some of the above-mentioned ideas, and you will be able to organize a wedding that will be talked about for years to come. Budget is not an obstacle, but rather a challenge.



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