Simple Office Additions For More Motivated Employees

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Simple Office Additions For More Motivated Employees

Motivating employees can almost be a full-time position, especially if your business is under pressure to deliver. With so many solutions on the market geared toward increasing employee motivation, it can be hard to cut through the noise. The good news is your business doesn’t need large or flashy solutions to improve employee motivation; it can be done with some simple additions. If you are worried about the motivation of your employees or if you simply want to give the culture a boost. Let’s discuss your options. Here are some simple office additions for more motivated employees.

Energetic additions

Arguably one the most popular office staples, no matter what industry or city you work in, is coffee. It is one of the simplest additions to any office. That not only improves energy, but it’s an added perk that improves motivation as well. Coffee machines in Brisbane offices are becoming more commonplace and so is the motivated workforce that comes with the machine. This delicious brew can be a big expense for some employees. By getting a coffee machine for the office; you can reward your employees and save them some hard-earned dollars at the same time. A recipe like that is sure to increase employee motivation with a simple and straightforward purchase.

Have some fun

Work shouldn’t be all work and no play. That may seem counterintuitive to some, but for employees, having fun at work is a great way to increase motivation. This doesn’t mean you need to host or run several bonding days which can be expensive and time-consuming. Introducing fun in the workplace can be as simple as purchasing some board or card games for the kitchen. Encouraging employees to take some downtime to play a game with their colleagues; can not only increase motivation but collaboration at the same time. If you are particularly thrifty, you may even be able to get some games donated by staff, all you have to do is give permission.

Show the love

A fantastic way to help boost motivation in the workplace is to show the love and gratitude you have for your employee’s work. Sure, you could send an email or go and speak to someone. Instead, why not create a more meaningful demonstration by creating a wall of thanks. Find some wall space in your office and create a wall that encourages employees, management and owners; to write notes of thanks, gratitude or celebration for employee’s achievements. If employees know they are appreciated or maybe noticed by their peers, they are much more likely to be motivated to achieve in their role. Saying thanks isn’t hard, so why not make it a grander gesture to help drive motivation and comrade.

Get your hands dirty

A simple, yet effective way to drive employee motivation is to get your hands dirty and thank them with food. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, try setting up a monthly BBQ breakfast or lunch to give back to your employees. Employees who feel engaged and recognised are much more likely to be motivated each day they come to work. It’s one gesture to offer food, it’s another entirely to cook the BBQ yourself. Don’t be afraid to get on the grill and show your thanks.


Motivating employees can be a tricky business, after all, everyone has their ups and downs. Implementing solutions or ideas to drive motivation doesn’t have to be complicated though. Whether it’s a caffeine boost or a full stomach, there are many ways to drive motivation. If you are looking for new and simple ways to motivate your employees, then consider these easy ideas.

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