Simple trick to keep the mosquito away this summer.

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Simple trick to keep the mosquito away this summer.

A summer necessity is to have bug spray around the house since it seems to be the only thing that keeps insects away, right? Well, not quite.

Watch the video below to see a simple trick to keep the mosquitos away this summer.

Finally the perfect mosquito trap!

Apparently, mosquitos love this mixture, they find it irresistible and will fly into the mixture and get trapped.

It’s an organic approach that is just as effective as all those mosquito sprays one buys at the shops. With simple household items you can make your own mosquito trap. You’ll need a plastic bottle, brown sugar, warm water and yeast, simply mix them together and you’ve got your own mosquito trap. You’ll have a restful night and will wake up without the uncomfortable mosquito bites that we all hate.

How does it work? The yeast ferments the sugar and this is what insects and mosquitos are attracted to.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but it doesn’t hurt to try.



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