Simplified Cheesecake Recipe

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Simplified Cheesecake Recipe

Lovers of cheesecake here’s a recipe to die for! Cheesecakes are delicious but finicky and tedious to make. Recently a simplified cheesecake recipe has gone viral on YouTube.

Until now baking a homemade cheesecake was a challenge not many people were willing to take. Making a cheesecake can be complicated. With all its many steps and a big list of ingredients, which involves hours in the kitchen. Who has the time anymore?

A Japanese Chef has come up with an insanely simple recipe which has gone viral.  Chef Ochikeron, uploaded this cheesecake recipe to YouTube in 2013, but it was recently rediscovered and it has since had over 3 million views.

What is amazing about this recipe is that it only needs three ingredients. To get it absolutely perfect Ochikeron insists you follow her recipe to the dot.

Let us know how you went with this recipe?

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