Small beauty and health secrets – how to stay fresh and clean all day

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Small beauty and health secrets – how to stay fresh and clean all day

Our health significantly depends on our personal hygiene. Proper personal hygiene on a daily basis ensures not only our own protection from bacteria but our family members’ too. We are also in contact with other people outside our homes, especially at our jobs, so it’s also important to be presentable and neat. Our personal hygiene is one of the first and most important impressions we make when we meet somebody.

Luckily, there are things we all should do on a daily basis that will ensure proper hygiene and won’t take up too much of our time. To feel and stay fresh and clean throughout the day, here are a few basic beauty steps:

Step 1 – Shower every day

Many people enjoy a morning shower, while others do it in the evening before going to bed. It washes away all the dirt and leaves a gentle smell. A daily shower or a bath helps you remove the dirt from the environment but be careful. Too much showering or staying in a hot bath for too long could remove the good bacteria from your skin. Hot water could also dry out your skin, which could cause an infection. The best method is to have a quick shower with warm water.

Step 2 – Change clothes often

It’s hard to imagine just how many viruses, bacteria and even faeces hide on our clothes. Not to mention the fact that we perspire while wearing clothes, which can also give off an unpleasant smell after a while. If you don’t change your clothes regularly (every day) and wash them properly, bad bacteria could stay on your clothes for weeks. Also, the best fabrics to wear are cotton and wool, namely natural fibres. When you wash your feet, make sure they are completely dry before you put on socks (which also should be made of cotton as synthetics make the smell worse).

Step 3 – Apply deodorant or antiperspirant

First, you need to know that antiperspirant and deodorant are not the same things. The former is used for stopping you from sweating, as it clogs your pores, while the latter covers the odour with a fragrance. In case your goal is to keep the clothes you are wearing dry, then go for antiperspirant. Of course, certain products offer both types, so it’s up to you to decide. If you have sensitive skin, don’t worry, there are many natural ways to take care of your body.

Step 4 – Feminine intimate hygiene

Certain days of the month, women require additional hygiene steps to make sure they feel clean. Women feel very sensitive during this period and it’s necessary to shower more frequently. Women should also pay more attention to their intimate parts. It’s important for every woman to feel completely clean at that time, and improving intimate hygiene with a washlet will contribute to that. It will shorten the time needed to clean your privates but it will also be more thorough and gentler at the same time.

Step 5 – Oral hygiene

If you want to be sure you have fresh breath, then make sure you brush and floss your teeth every day. It will also keep the teeth and the gums healthy and strong. You should brush your teeth twice a day but don’t neglect to floss. If you don’t like it, try a tongue scraper – it removes the residue hiding in the tongue’s crannies.

Step 6 – Take care of your hair

Every hair type requires a different type of shampoo and different frequency of washing. No matter the type, your hair should always be clean, free of dandruff and combed. However, be careful not to go overboard with washing your hair – it could remove the natural oil from your hair. And don’t go overboard with hair products, either, as they could dry out your hair.

Step 7 – Adjust your diet

Cutting out or reducing certain foods in your diet can also make you feel fresh during the day. The fact is that some foods cause unpleasant body odour, such as chillies and curries, but also onions and garlic. Many people don’t know that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and some types of cheese can also lead to an unpleasant smell. The reason behind this is that these foods contain volatile organic compounds that are to be blamed for the smell. Red meat is another type of food affecting the way we smell. If you reduce the amount of red meat, you’ll notice your body odour has improved.

Final comment

Personal hygiene is crucial to ensure our health. Every second of the day, we are bombarded by thousands of different bacteria and viruses, but also the environmental dirt and smog. That’s why it’s necessary not to refrain from boring, but important steps of personal hygiene. It will help us feel fresh and clean and not uncomfortable in other people’s company.


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