So You Want to Run a Marathon!

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So You Want to Run a Marathon!

There is nothing like that feeling of freedom as you lace up and head out the door; just you and the pavement – bliss.

Or maybe not?

For many people – particularly those wanting to take up running in midlife – the fear of an injury and/or concerns about a “Did Not Finish” result can be overwhelming!

Before committing to long-distance running, it’s important to be realistic. For example, do you have any foot discomfort or a past injury that may become aggravated by running, that could impact you getting across the finish line?

See a Podiatrist First

Even if you’ve never had any problems before, prevention is better than cure, so seeing your local podiatrist prior to taking up this level of activity is a good idea.

A podiatrist is a registered health professional with tertiary qualifications in the diagnosis, care and treatment of all things feet.

Before you start any new form of sports activity such as preparing for a marathon; make sure you book an appointment with your local podiatrist as they can assist with:

  • Assessing your biomechanics, for example with a digital gait scan; to make sure that running will not place your body under too much strain. If your gait is placing too much pressure on a particular part of your foot, a podiatrist may prescribe orthotics to improve your biomechanics and prevent pain and other problems from developing.
  • Checking your running shoes to make sure your feet are well supported; to minimise the effects on your body as you pound the pavement;
  • Tips and exercises to help you warm up and strengthen your leg muscles in particular;
  • Advice on the right running shoe for you, with your biomechanics, comfort and running goals in mind.

Reducing the Risk of Running Injuries

Unfortunately, runners are more likely than any other athlete to develop an overuse injury; due to the high load placed through the body at each foot strike, and the great demands on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Common problems experienced by runners include:

  • stress fractures
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • shin splints

To ensure your marathon experience is a positive one, it pays to be fully prepared with the right footwear, training, and the care and supervision of your local podiatrist!


Janet Camilleri is an Australian copywriter and blogger. No matter what she writes, or who she is writing for, Janet aims to amuse, inspire or inform – and sometimes, all three!

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