Social Media Influencers are Impacting Your Skincare Routine More Than You Care to Admit

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Social Media Influencers are Impacting Your Skincare Routine More Than You Care to Admit

The cosmetics industry is no stranger to using influencers, celebrities, and famous personalities to impact the way people purchase skincare and makeup products. The beauty industry can be considered a veteran when it comes to maximizing influencer marketing. They know how powerful hiring the right personalities can be when it comes to promoting their products.

But the industry is even more massive now than a decade ago. Today, beauty companies pour millions of dollars on social media influencers to market their products such as Korean skincare and makeup items. For every $1.29 spent on influencers, beauty companies stand to gain $11.38 in profit.

Are Influencers Responsible for the Products’ Effects on Your Skin?

Here’s the question that’s on everybody’s mind: Does it satisfy customers? You know what works for your skin. Nobody is being forced to try out these products. Companies are trying to influence your purchase decisions. But at the end of the day, it’s still your decision to go with what item you feel is good for your skin.

Influencers will post on social media about their skincare routine. They will give you a step-by-step rundown of the products they use on their face to achieve that healthy and youthful glow. It’s their way of marketing the products. At some point, they need to be responsible for the brands that they promote.

But you’re in the front line. You know your skin better than anyone. Does it react negatively to parabens, fragrance, and formaldehyde? Many of these ingredients are found in skincare and makeup products. Are you an advocate of animal welfare and protection? If so, you might want to avoid brands that do animal testing for their products.

Influencers Are Strangely Honest About Their Partnerships

Most, if not all, social media influencers are honest about the promotions and marketing they do for businesses. It’s just that when they decide to promote your products, they make sure to use it and leave an honest, if not always positive, reviews about them. You’ll find that their posts include hashtags such as #ads, #paidpartnership, and #partner. They are at least very honest about the fact that they are earning from the post.

As consumers, it is up to you to discern which influencers are worth your time and who give an honest review about the products they use on their skin. Since you know your skin better than any dermatologist, cosmetic expert, or influencer, you should be discerning of the trends that you follow. No matter how trendy a product is, if its formulation will not benefit your skin, stay away from it.

Social media influencers have taken the beauty industry in a whirlwind adventure where they finally ended up on top. They are so powerful in terms of brand awareness and sales-driven marketing strategies that companies are at their mercy. But the true power lies in your-the consumer-hands.

If a makeup or skincare product does wonders for your skin, speak out and be heard. These days, you don’t need a million followers on Instagram to be relevant. The proper hashtag and informative content can pass your message to millions of users of social media.

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