Sofia Vergara on Helium Will Have in Tears

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Sofia Vergara on Helium Will Have in Tears

Sofia Vergara has a very distinctive voice, recognised both by her sexy accent and intonation. Listening to Sofia Vergara on helium will have you in tears while Jimmy gives her random phrases and names to say.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon was ready for Sofia Vergara with a helium-filled balloon. Sofia Vergara was all smiles and enjoyed listening to her cartoony voice bringing herself and Fallon to fits of laughter. The sultry Colombian actress sounded exactly like a member of Alvin and The Chipmunks.

As expected this resulted in a viral comic video. This might become a permanent feature in the show because now we all wonder how all those A-Lister sound like on helium.

This could be  Jimmy Fallon’s best idea yet and we’re hoping that he continues with this “helium challenge” and challenges his future guests with some random phrases to say.

Watch the hilarious video below!

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