Solar roadways have gone from futuristic to realistic.

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Solar roadways have gone from futuristic to realistic.

Solar roadways have gone from a futuristic construct to a realistic project to take place as soon as this year. Last April, Indiegogo campaign went viral online with their Solar Freakin’ Roadways, since then this crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $2 million dollars.

The future is here. It appears that the wait for the first solar roadways in America might soon be over. Plans to go ahead and replace public asphalt and concrete surfaces with solar panels in a small town of Sandpoint, Idaho, are really underway.

Idaho will become the first city to install Scott and Julie Bursaw’s revolutionary solar panels. They will be replacing sidewalks, airport tarmac and parks making the town of Sandpoint the first eco-friendly city in the world.

According to Scott, if roadway surfaces utelilised his technology, nations all over the world would generate enough electricity for domestic use and more importantly eliminate carbon emissions from vehicles and fossil fuels.

Other advantages of solar roadways is that they are easily replaced, the panels can use stored energy to heat the roadways surface to melt snow or ice creating safer driving conditions in snowy countries and also reducing cost of snow removal.

These solar roadways could have an enormous impact in our lives and our environment. It certainly will be interesting to see the changes it will bring to the town of Sandpoint, Idaho.



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