Sophie Monks funnywoman

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Sophie Monks funnywoman

Want to have your audience in fits of laughter? Then have Sophie Monks have a go. This woman has what it takes to be beautiful, cheeky and playful all in one.

Sophie Monk stripped in a parody of Delta Goodrem’s latest TV advert and without fail she aced it like no other. This woman has talent, and can have you rolling over in a fit of laughter.

Sophie mimicked many of Delta’s sultry moves, strips in identical outfit to Joe Cocker’s ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ with a few naughty surprises that only Sophie Monk can enact. She’s a beautiful, comic and quirky actress. As the song says ‘You can leave your hat on’ Sophie complies in her own style by leaving two strategically placed hats on.
At the very end the camera zooms in as she reiterates Delta’s final line; ‘ At the end of the day a beautiful smile is all you need right?’ with a wide smile revealing a tuft of green leaf in her teeth.

Delta Goodrem’s Oral-B advert was a delight to watch as she dances and flirtatiously strips to Joe Cocker’s ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’, which was released last Friday. Obviously, both women did a great job but the question remains: Which of these two women will have more viewing?


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