How to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and tips

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How to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and tips.

Tips for Stand up Paddle Boarding because it can at first be difficult and remember one thing you will fall many times but if you remember these tips you’ll get off to a good start:

Pick a wider board

The wider the board the more stable it is. Select a wide board that is at least 760cm wide.

Practice in flat water

To get the hang of things find some flat water, like a lake, river or a bay area, to test your balance. It can be tricky to maintain your balance and the waves at first. With SUP you must keep your back straight and knees bend as it easier to balance.

Hold the paddle correctly

It’ll make a huge difference to learn from the start how to hold and use the paddle correctly. Hold the paddle with your top hand on the handle and your bottom hand comfortably down the shaft.

Paddle straight ahead.

Paddle evenly on each side, 4 –5 strokes, to avoid paddling the board in circles.

Keep your arms straight and twist from your torso as you paddle. Think of using your torso to paddle rather than your arms. You have more strength in those abdominal muscles than in your arms.

Push down on the paddle grip with your top hand.

To turn around

To turn your board around plant your paddle towards the front of the board and take a long sweep stroke towards the tail.

Stand up paddleboarding is relatively easy to learn but expect to fall in as you are gaining skills. Remember to fall to your side so you don’t fall on the board to avoid injury.

Watch this video on the basics of SUP, great tips:


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