Standard Website Formats For Proven Results

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Standard Website Formats For Proven Results

High-performing websites are a necessity for successful business outcomes. Creating a website with impeccable performance, attractive graphics and smart navigation; requires an insightful understanding of the industry and recent trends. 

Your website reflects the online identity of your brand. Therefore, you need to know how to play with the designs and templates to convey your brand message and product/service offerings clearly.

How do you know the best design elements and structures that you should use for your website? 

That’s where the professional services of a content marketing agency come into play. Before you rush to hire a web design and development agency, understand the recent trends and the various types of high-performing web design ideas. These are the 5 standard website formats for proven results.

1. E-Commerce or Online Store Websites

An e-commerce or online store website represents an online marketplace where users can explore various products, browse through various categories and also purchase products/services offered by your company through smooth processes. 

An online store (especially e-commerce) can market and sell:

  • various products (Amazon, eBay, etc.), 
  • a single product with variety and alterations (a particular machine with variability in services) 
  • a specific niche (Optical stores, nutrition stores, branded car stores, etc.)

What should your hired web development and content marketing agency

aim for?

  • Rather than directly selling your product, focus on presenting a solution. (e.g. daily essentials, baby care, wellness and nutrition)
  • Persuasive landing designs specifically optimised for selling and search.
  • Simple and easily accessible wish list and shopping cart
  • Social proof that helps to instil trust

2. Service Websites

Service websites focus on providing dedicated services rather than selling products. Services can include anything, including:

  • Healthcare services (hospital website, clinic website)
  • Essential services such as plumbing, electricity, cleaning and sanitation
  • Pet care services
  • Car care and servicing, etc
  • Digital marketing services
  • Web design and development services

On such websites, you’ll need to present:

  • Well-written and engaging sales copy that emotionally appeals to your audience and persuades them to try your service
  • Precise information on the industries you service (B2B, B2C or both)
  • A dedicated section for displaying a portfolio to showcase your work
  • Service locations 

3. Publication/Magazine Websites

The main aim of a publication website is to present information on a certain genre or multiple genres. 

The income is generated through subscriptions, affiliate marketing through links, guest post hosting, ads, sponsored content, or donations.

Therefore, your website design agency should focus on the following design elements:

  • Streamlined web structuring for smooth navigation and easy-to-use search functionality enables users to find the required content easily. 
  • Leverage email marketing and social media campaigning for promoting content
  • Have an easy to access/pop-up style subscription option. 
  • Well-curated categories

Types of publication websites can be

  • Press release publication websites
  • Blog hosting websites
  • Guest post sites

To ensure the best results for publication websites, collaborate with agencies that offer both web design and content marketing services Sydney.

4. Brochure Website

Online presence is a necessity. Therefore, developing a website to market your business is necessary. Many brick-and-mortar stores create brochure websites; because they don’t aim to sell online. Such websites only focus on marketing your physical business. 

Thus, your web development service agency needs to incorporate the following in your website

  • The website should provide basic information about your services
  • Location of your store and contact information
  • Integrated maps for easy navigation 
  • Well-defined value proposition
  • A professional web design that resonates with your brand image and offering 
  • Include a blog section to increase the value of your website. 

A brochure website is only recommended when you require a basic online presence. 

5. Portfolio Websites

A portfolio website enables creative agencies or individuals a platform to exhibit and promote their best work. Such websites are most suitable for a website design agency, content creators, designers, artists, furniture or decor stores and any other business that wants to show their unique products. 

As you grow your portfolio, you don’t need to include each and every single project you’ve delivered.

  • Create categories for better presentation
  • Use visually appealing design elements to demonstrate the unique feature of every work. 
  • Try incorporating unique layouts and add interesting features.

Businesses might also want to implement the following 4 design trends to include in their website in 2022.

1. Unique Typography

If your brand uses particular typography for your products or services, incorporate that into your website. It helps create brand recognition.

Ruptured content marketing services use this technique to create a beautiful brand story and build great online recognition. 

2. Engaging and Responsive Emotionally Appealing Large Images

Emotionally appealing images visually convey your brand story without having to depend on just text.

The correct emotionally appealing image can instantly give your users or website viewers an idea of what your brand is about, the USP etc. 

3. Background Videos

Embedding automatically playing videos in the background can add a lot of substance to your website with minimal elements. You don’t need to rely on writing huge blocks of text or use flowcharts throughout your web design. Tell your brand journey in a clear and precise way. 

Include background videos in your web design and development to improve audience engagement and web interaction. 

4. Hamburger Menus For Mobile Pages

Most websites feature lengthy menus of options for redirecting to specific web pages. The biggest benefit is that your menu redirects the user to the web page where they want to visit.

This design is great for your desktop application; it takes up substantial space on mobile phones or tablets. The visitors might need to scroll horizontally to access your entire menu. 


Using the trending and flexible web design style and elements can incredibly increase your website views, content consumption time, repeat users and conversions. Connect with the best web design and content marketing services in Sydney to enjoy the benefits of an impeccably styled website. 

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