Startup Builds A house In Just One Day

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Startup Builds A house In Just One Day

Conventional house building is both costly and time-consuming but the future is here. A startup called Apis Cor built its first 3-D printed single story residential house near Moscow, Russia. In addition to building at a very low cost, this startup a house in just one day.

In conjunction with Russian home-building company PIK Group, the house was constructed at Apis Cor’s test facility in Stupino, a town south of central Moscow.  When the cost of house’s materials,  such as the foundation, finishing and wiring were added up. Surprisingly, it came to just a bit over 10,000 US dollars (13, 187 Australian dollars).

How did they do it?
Using a 3-printing robot which Apis programmed, they build the roundhouse, measuring 409 square feet. The home features an open layout and has one bathroom as seen below in the video.

The  Company says building houses with a bot is not only feasible but less expensive, faster and more efficient than relying on humans. Obviously, this is only the beginning and it can only be improved on. Maybe this 409 square feet home is not an ideal home for some but a great start for many.

Affordable housing is a dream for many people. The days where big mansions were a trend and families required big spaces to live in are becoming a thing of the past. With population increasing at speeds unimaginable, modern society is adjusting and embracing minimalism living and housing that is both affordable and at-large smaller.

Imagine the possibilities this kind of technology has in instances of natural disasters. It’ll allow for faster recovery for people who have lost their homes and have little finance to recuperate their losses.


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