How To Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym.

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How to stay fit without going to the gym, it’s not that hard really!

Some people are just not meant to set foot at the gym.  They just do not enjoy getting fit in an enclosed environment such as the gym. Are you one of these people?

You’re not alone and if you’re anything like Blake Lively the gym is not your scene. How does she then keep fit and have such an amazing body?  She finds other ways to stay fit and be active. She dances, rides bicycles and hikes. Blake Lively goes out and exercises in nature. Personally my favourite way to exercise and as Lively puts it “I find ways to be physical where you’re also having an experience because I’m very experience-orientated.” I concur.

Research shows that spending time in the great outdoors is a guaranteed health booster and what really puts a smile in my face is that exercising outside burns more calories.

There is a sport out there for you. Don’t worry about your age or if you have never done anything toward your fitness. Find a local walking club and start there. If you are trying to find a new outdoors sport give Standup Paddle a try, or golf, climbing, Kayaking, keep trying till you find one or two you really like and get fit.


Tina is a DailyStar senior writer. She graduated from Edith Cowan University. Writing has always been something she enjoyed. Her positive outlook colours every aspect of her life. Her motto -Life’s too short so get living.

When she’s not busy writing, Tina is exploring the city she adores, running in her local Park every day, drinking an absurd amount of coffee, taking care of an adorable pup, kids and traveling.

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