Stop And Take A Look At These Dungeon Rooms.

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Stop And Take A Look At These Dungeon Rooms.

If you saw Fifty Shades Of Grey and thought it might be fun to give BDSM a whirl and you are at the moment planning a holiday to the UK. Then maybe you should make plans to rent a fetish chambers for a night or two.

These sexed-up holiday spots come equipped the full-on Fifty Shades of Grey style dungeon and play rooms. With an assortment of goodies in your own ‘Red Room’ like whips, ropes, slave masks, a sex swing, and the pièce the résistance – a giant four-poster bed.

You will also find a white prison cell for those who are very naughty in one of the cabins. The room are not pricy at all considering all the hype with the book and movie. With all these details one wonder if they went so far as including Anastasia and Mr. Grey in the mix. One can dream….

Where are these rooms located? In Hackney, Reading and Camden in the United Kingdom.
Following below are some of picture of the log cabins, at first glance they look like normal log cabins but on the inside they have fully equipped dungeon rooms; see it for yourself:


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Located in Hackney, England, this studio really has everything a fetish enthusiast could want and more. This log cabin has  1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, small but believe me very well equipped for a fun night of fetish and BDSM play.  Have a look at the interior of these log cabins.

Hackney fetish studio

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A few options of restrains.

care for a spin

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Spinning wheel.

four poster bed

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Beautiful four poster bed.


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For the very naughty one it also has a prison cell. These log cabin is equipped with everything a fetish enthusiast could ask for.

The next set of photos are from a secluded studio located in Reading which was custom built for adult play. It can sleep up to three people, two in the double bed and the other in the cage.

Main roomreading

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The main room is well equipped with a varied of props for fetish play.

Reading rope

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Check out the many rope options.

The very last fetish self-contained accommodation  is located in Camden. This apartment provides privacy and amenities for the ultimate in adult fun.

Master bed

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Luxurious master bed.

Fitzrovia apartment

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Fully equipped dungeon with chains, swing and restraining table.


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If you fancy going all the way, you can also borrow their masks.


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