Story Behind Movember

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Story Behind Movember.

The Movember story began the way any good Aussie story does: two mates walk into a bar and after a couple cold ones on a Sunday afternoon, a conversation about what happened to upper lip hair gave rise to a challenge – to bring back the moustache.

This was 2003 and that year, two good friends, Travis Garone and other 30 Aussie blokes grew a Mo and quickly realised that a simple act like this sparked a lot of conversation through the month among friends and family.

At the end of the month these blokes decided to grow a Mo every Movember and felt this was a perfect manner to raise awareness around a cause affecting many men – prostrate cancer. A challenge started that year and ever since the challenge has developed into cause where participants raise funds for men’s health issue.

In 2006, Movember was established as an official Australian charity – the Movember Foundation.

Since 2007, Movember took men’s health message on the road with international campaigns being officially launched in the UK, US and Canada. What is the challenge then? Every November, a ordinary men all over the world take up the brave task of Movember: growing a moustache for charity in a bid to raise awareness about men’s health – prostrate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues such as depression.

This year several videos have surfaced to promote this worthy cause. Even Samuel L. Jackson got involved in the campaign in a humorous video produced by College Humor who supports Movember. My favourite is the video below titled -Moustaches Changed These 3 Men’s Lives Forever.


Movember, is a month-long celebration of the moustache! It’s an annual charity event, held during the month of November, where men of all ages (known as Mo Bros), all over the world, shave on the 1st of November and spend the remaining 30 days growing a moustache.

The goal of this global campaign is to encourage the growing of moustaches to raise awareness and funds for carefully selected charitable organizations with a focus on men’s health and specifically prostate cancer. Mo sistas get behind your men and support men in your life.

Many men secretly want to know what they would look like sporting a moustache, but never considered giving it a chance – Why not find out this Movember?

How do I get involved?

The first thing you need to do is register. Once on the site, you can decide whether you’re working alone, or whether you want to team up or join another ‘pack’.


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