When Strap-on fun turns sour

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When Strap-on fun turns sour

A Greek  man needed surgery after his strap-on fun with his girlfriend turned sour. While receiving anal sex from a strap-on worn by his girlfriend  the dildo broke off.  The dildo became stuck in his anus and surgery was his only option of removing it.

Naturally, the couple went to the hospital where the man was forced to undergo emergency surgery and unfortunately, the surgeons took a video of the removal.

Greek doctors found this man’s bad luck awfully funny and couldn’t resist taking some footage and also inviting some colleagues over to laugh at this man’s  misfortune. The video shows the doctors laughing hysterically as the massive sex toy is removed and taking pictures of it with their phones.

The removal video footage is too gruesome, but according to Live Leak one of the jokes cracked during the video compares the procedure to the birth of a child.

Sex can be embarrassing sometimes but sometimes at epic proportions.


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