Stupendous Trips Schoolies Should Must Do Once In A Lifetime

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Stupendous Trips Schoolies Should Must Do Once In A Lifetime

The Most Amazing Schoolie Trips

One commonality among all students is the love of school trips. Whether you spend the time having a picnic on the beach, hiking in the mountains or telling stories over a bonfire, you are going to make memories to last a lifetime. Following is a list of the most stupendous trips schoolies should/ must do once in a lifetime.

The Cruise Tour

Nothing says schoolie trip like an amazing cruise. Not only there are a lot of destinations to choose from, but accommodations, meals and travel are all included. You will enjoy stops at fabulous destinations, parties on the cruise, massages, dancing at night beneath the stars, sparkling pools and cruises just for schoolies. You can visits ports throughout the country with your friends, be awestruck by breathtaking scenery and make each new day an adventure.

The Fiji Adventure

Fiji offers you swimming, pool games, jet skiing, parasailing, snorkelling, volleyball, paddle boarding, cultural shows, mud pools, parasailing and so much more. The exciting activities on this extraordinary island never end. You can take an amazing adventure or lounge by the pool. Treasure Island is a celebration with themed school parties right on the white sandy beaches. This is the time to party under the moon all night long. You will stay in a newly renovated villa with air conditioning right by the beach. You will even have your very own hammock.

The Bali Adventure

One of the most sensational destinations in Bali. This Indonesian island draws students to the coral reefs, beaches, iconic rice paddies and forested volcanic mountains. The resort towns are spectacular, the restaurants magnificent and there are even meditation retreats and yoga. Schoolies in Bali with Surething Travel will offer events created just for the younger generation. You should make your reservations as soon as possible to make certain you can reserve rooms in the best hotels, enjoy the best parties, the Bali Sunset Club, the breathtaking sunsets and dance the night away. Schoolies week and Bali are the perfect combinations.

The Thailand Adventure

Your stay in Thailand will not only be unforgettable but you will also be safe. You will be charmed by the locals while enjoying the beauty of this country. You will stay in a hotel right in the heart of all the action and you do not have to travel anywhere for all the best events and parties. You can join in all of the events with your special wristband. This is the place to party and relax in style. The beaches are stunning, the cultural experiences riveting, the restaurants divine and the end of school parties beyond extraordinary. You can be lounging on the beach under the dreamy sun just a few hours after you arrive.

Magnetic Island Adventure

If you are looking for an unforgettable tropical island, Magnetic Island is the perfect location. You will love the spectacular beaches, National Park and sensational accommodations right off the coast of Queensland. The resort is called the Sails on Horseshoe and is in the middle of all the excitement. Take a short stroll from the resort to Horseshoe Bay’s golden sands. You will discover an enormous variety of water sports including tube rides, jet skis and sea kayaks. Take a guided tour or go horseback riding on this beautiful island. When you add in the delightful shops, cute cafes and entertainment, you will know you have come to the right place for schoolies week. The best part is everything is planned including your flights and accommodations. All you have to do is relax, have fun and make the most you possibly can out of your trip.

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