Style Quirks, Hygiene Sins & Physical Traits that Can be an Instant Turn-off During a Date

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Style Quirks, Hygiene Sins & Physical Traits that Can be an Instant Turn-off During a Date

No matter how many times people say that physical appearances aren’t the most important, men and women going on a first date will always try to look their best. After all, their exact purpose is to make a good impression, which won’t happen if they show up looking homeless.

Besides, it’s human nature to be more interested in attracting people. We may not dress up for the opposite sex, but if it’s a first date we’re talking about, we’d always consider what our date will think about our style, whether we admit it or not.

And if you have instant turn-offs that have nothing to do with personality, then it’s only fair for the opposite sex to be turned off by some of your physical traits, too. But thankfully, flaws that are out of a person’s control (e.g. deformities, physical conditions) are not among the instant turn-offs you’d find on this blog.

Without further ado, let’s run through the things that may ruin your chances at romance. From style quirks, hygiene sins and physical traits that can be an instant turn-off during a date.

1. Bad Hygiene

Bad breath, body odour, dandruff, and other obvious signs that you have poor hygiene are definitely a deal-breaker for anyone. Greasy hair, for one, can ruin your whole look with its unpleasant smell and texture. Therefore, hop into the shower before a date, and have a generous lathering of herbal anti-dandruff shampoo, and scrub the dirt and grime away from every part of your body. You don’t have to style your hair dramatically afterwards, because as long as your hair smells and looks clean, you’re good.

And of course, brush your teeth, not only when you’re going out, but every morning and night. Bring a packet of mints or gum too if you’d eat something spicy or pungent.

2. Very Strong Perfume

Nobody likes staying close to someone with body odour, but a person with an overpowering perfume doesn’t smell better by much. So don’t buy what fragrance advertisements tell you; only spritz on the areas that’ll make the scent long-lasting. That would be on your inner wrists, the base of your throat, behind your ears, cleavage, the back of your knees, and inner elbows.

3. Excessive Hair-styling Products

Some men and women require a hair-styling product to keep their locks in place, but when you go overboard, your hair may look clumped together and very unappealing. Clumped locks also give the look of a severe dandruff problem, so go easy on the wax, mousse, or gel.

4. Too Much Makeup

This is very controversial, as women who love makeup don’t actually doll up for men. But men who frown upon a caked-up face usually mean no harm. They just think your bare face is more attractive. But if you do want to impress a guy with your makeup, go for a sultry smokey eye. Men apparently go crazy over it. You may also dab on a shiny lipgloss, a healthy dose of blush, and swipe on a classic winged eyeliner.

5. An Obvious Fake Tan

Men like a healthy-looking, sun-kissed glow, but if your tan is obviously fake, you may end up looking unattractively orange. So just ditch the tan if you can’t get a pro to do it for you.

6. Excessive Body Hair

Women don’t always find body hair unattractive unless it’s unkempt and hiding your best features. Some may prefer a clean-shaven man, but either way, try to groom your body hair before the date. It’ll make you look more put-together and overall neater.

7. Eccentric Fashion Tastes

Red or purple socks, jeans that show your ankles, deep V-neck T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms that never look clean enough, and other articles of clothing that are a bit too unique are a big no-no for some women. The tracksuit bottom, in particular, maybe a treasure to some men, but if you’re going on a date, do the lady the courtesy of dressing in something clean and chic.

On women, men find short shorts, fake eyelashes, uncomfortable shoes, and fake fingernails a turn-off. Again, even if you don’t style for men, your cute, awesome date probably deserves eye candy, so just make a statement by sporting a smokey eye, which he’d surely love.

8. Not Smiling

Last but not the least, wear a smile on your face when interacting with your date. You can avoid all those potential deal-breakers above, but if you frown or maintain a straight face all throughout the date, the other person may feel less confident, because they’d think you’re not enjoying their company. The RBF may be natural to some people, but it’s not out of your control. Therefore, wear your brightest beam during crucial moments, and don’t be afraid to laugh out loud. It’ll instantly make you more attractive and fun to be with.

First impressions may mean nothing in the long run, but when you’ve only got one chance to impress, give it you’re all. After all, both of you poured in your time for the date, so make the most of it by bringing your best foot forward.

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