Sunday Brunch Style Ideas

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Sunday Brunch Style Ideas

There’s nothing quite as easy as Sunday morning — and there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as Sunday brunch. In addition to the delicious dishes and great company, Sunday brunch also affords us the opportunity to dress up a bit. Making the last day of the week perhaps the most stylish and sumptuous. These are Sunday brunch style ideas to live up to.

Sunday Brunch Style Ideas

If you’ve got a Sunday brunch on your horizon and looking for some style ideas, look no further. Here are some ways you can dress for this tasty and trendy occasion.

The Formal Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Style Ideas

Some Sunday brunches are more auspicious affairs, coming as the closing events for weddings or conferences or standing as special events themselves, like bridal or baby showers. And in some cases in some places (like country clubs), Sunday brunches are simply more formal in general. If you are attending a more formal Sunday brunch, it’s time to play dress up. Grace and sophistication is the name of the game.

While your dress can certainly be sexy, sexiness should not be their only defining characteristic. Think lace, think equal measures of soft and strong unapologetic femininity. By all means, select a style that hugs your curves, but also allows you bend or crouch down without revealing your days-of-the-week underpants. Sunday brunch dresses are notoriously chic and most often feature a hemline that falls just above or just below the knee.

As for accessories, you have a lot of room to play but should steer clear of anything too casual. So, ballet flats are or heels, or strappy sandals are in, but sneakers or flimsy thong sandals are out. You can definitely wear boots, granted they fall in line with that idea of easy elegance. In other words, now is not the time to rock your leather studded clunkers. But those dove grey suede ankle boots? Yes, please!

The Informal Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch Style Ideas

Not to be confused with the informal meal you scarf down in your sweats just before noon at your local greasy spoon, the informal Sunday brunch still implies a sense of occasion  — just a less dressy occasion. So, while you can still wear a dress, the overall feel of this meal is less stately. In other words, your thong sandals are welcome  — as are jeans and leggings and shorts and skirts. This said, you do still need to style yourself with a sense of polish and intention. So slapping on your yoga pants with a tank top and tossing your hair in a messy bun or under a baseball cap won’t cut it.

However, you can slip into a pair of flats with distressed jeans and a beautiful eyelet off-the-shoulder top. Or wear a pair of pedal pushers, kitten heels, and a breezy sleeveless blouse. You could even wear a crop tank top with a sleek pair of wide-legged high waisted pants and pair of sequined thong sandals. The idea here is to emit the same sense of chic, easy elegance  — just on a less dressy scale.

Your Hair: The Forgotten Accessory

Sunday Brunch Style Ideas

In addition to making sure your shoes, hair and bling are brunch ready, you also need to make sure your locks look lovely. While there is no need to book an appointment for an updo, you should make sure you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. A classic, DIY ballet bun can easy tame last night’s unruly locks. Or you can pull your hair into a tidy ponytail. By all means, leave your locks down, too, but make sure your hair looks clean and kept. If you’ve got some serious fly aways, tie your tresses back.

When in doubt about whether you should go formal or informal, consider the location of the Sunday brunch, as well as the occasion. If the brunch is to celebrate something and is at a country club with a dress code, you can bet you’d better brunch formally. If you are brunching at a boardwalk bistro with some friends, then you can definitely go informal. If you are celebrating a special event with brunch at a trendy urban eatery, you can have the informal and formal styles meet halfway, or go informal. Just remember: save the sweats for when you get home!

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