Swimming Goggles—Fitting and Wearing Them Correctly

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Swimming Goggles—Fitting and Wearing Them Correctly

It does not matter whether you are a casual or serious swimmer but wearing swimming goggles is important.  They will help to protect your eyes from things in the water, including chemicals like chlorine. It can also be annoying and ruin your enjoyable swim if you have to keep adjusting them or have the wrong type.  When getting prescription swim goggles Australia. The first thing that you should do is make sure they fit.  That is an important step. It is advisable to not order them online but go to a store to try them on to get the proper fit. Following are tips on how to get swimming goggles—fitting and wearing them correctly.

Test your face shape with the seal of your eyes

  • Place goggles over each eye
  • Do not put the straps over your head
  • Use fingers to gently press goggles against your eyes
  • Good suction will seal them to your face for four seconds
  • If they come off almost immediately look for a size smaller

If your goggles do not have the right suction, they will pop off more when you are swimming. These are the things to look out for to fix the problem.

Check the nose bridge

  • The nose bridge should feel comfortable on your nose
  • If they do not seal onto your face you can adjust it by pulling on each side of the nose strap.

Try different shapes

  • Most are designed with an oval shape. These are better for looking ahead and wearing in a pool
  • For open water, you should have one that gives you more peripheral visibility.

Try different materials

  • Some swimming goggles Sydney come with rings. They connect your face to the eyepieces by lining up your eyes.
  • Rubber and plastic goggles give the best suction on different face shapes
  • Foam goggles are less durable but give you more flexibility
  • Silicone is more durable but can be expensive

Once you have the proper fit it is time to make sure that you know how to wear prescription swimming goggles Australia correctly.

  • Position head straps about one inch apart—most will have two straps to offer better security. After you fit them you should be able to pull out the straps comfortably.  The eyepieces should not wrap too far around the corner of the eyes. Get goggles with two straps as one strap is not as secure.
  • Adjust the straps to they fit comfortably—you need to pull the straps loose ends until they are comfortable and firm. With two straps the bottom one should rest in the centre of your head.  The top one is to prevent the goggles from sliding down.  Make sure that you do not tighten them too tight.
  • Loosen or tighten the nose bridge if necessary—if the outside of the eyecups feel that they are going to come off your face and let water in you will need to loosen it. You will need to tighten it if the eyepieces start to pull outward.

Types of Lenses

  • Mirrored—these are for the ones that frequently swim outdoors. They are the ones that help to actually prevent exposing your eyes to the ultraviolet light.  The reason is that they are made with a dark tint.  These are more reliable and durable than tinted lenses.  Do not use these if you swim indoors or at night as they will reduce visibility.
  • Tinted—these are for the casual swimmer outdoors. They will help to filter the ultraviolet rays.  They also help improve visibility.  One type of tinted lenses are metallic lenses.
  • Clear—use these for early-morning or indoor swimming. They are also good for low-light conditions because of the lack of anti-fog and tint materials.  You can apply anti-fog stuff to prevent condensation.
  • Prescription—these are for those that require correction in their vision and will give you better visibility.
  • Coloured—these are great for experiencing a unique environmental condition. Can be used for outdoor or indoor swimming.  You can get amber to help decrease glare in excess light and improve your vision in low-light area.  Lilac is the optimal contrast between green or blue backgrounds. Blue will let in average light but still help to shield your eyes from glare in a bright environment.

Putting your goggles on

  • Grip your prescription swim goggles Australia by the edge of the eyecups. You want the inside of the lenses to face you.  Keep your thumbs on the eyecups at the bottom and wrap your pointer finger around the top.
  • Press the goggles against the eyes and bring them up to your face. Guide them over your eyes.  You should feel a bit of suction as they form a seal around your eyes. Make sure that the eyecups do not tug or pinch.  Try to avoid touching the lenses.
  • Slowly guide the back strap up and over your head unless you are putting your goggles on from a hanging position around your neck. Use one hand to position the strap until you get it to rest against the back.  If it does not feel comfortable move the strap up.
  • The next step is to adjust your back strap to make it is secure and feels comfortable. On the side of the frame, there is a buckle slot where you can pull the loose end of the strap through to tighten them.  If you need to loosen then pull the strap out from the buckle

Taking your goggles off

When you take them off you start by pulling the back strap over your head. Basically, you just reverse how you put them on.  One thing to make sure of is that you do not try to pull them off by the eyecup.  If your hand slips the eyecups could snap back and hit you in the face.

Following these tips will help to ensure that your swim goggles will last a long time and that with the proper fit and wearing them correctly you will have an enjoyable swim.

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