Take the Stress Out of Moving House

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Take the Stress Out of Moving House

No one likes to think about moving house. All the organising, sorting, packing, and loading of belongings onto a moving van is enough to cause a panic attack for some.

Nearly half of all Australians have moved house at least once in recent years, with 11 per cent changing residences five or more times. People move for several reasons, including buying their first home or downsizing to a retirement community.

Regardless of the reason, relocating does not have to be hectic. Planning takes the stress out of moving. Following these tips will make your next move a breeze and to take the stress out of moving house.

Two Months Ahead

Moving house does not need to be stressful. Planning as far in advance as possible is ideal when moving.

The most crucial aspect is to book a removalist. Before you sort or pack anything, phone a removal service to schedule your preferred moving day. Some removalists offer insurance to protect belongings in their care during the move. If this is important to you, be sure to ask at the time of booking if it is available. Moving services book ahead and quality movers tend to fill up quickly. Do not get caught without help by failing to plan far enough in advance.

Now is also a great time to create an initial draft plan for packing up belongings. Purchase all packing materials in advance if you will be packing yourself. Some removalists offer this service. Do not forget about delicate items that may require bubble wrap or another padding to stay safe during the move.

Six weeks out is a great time to make a list of any services and subscriptions to notify about your change in address.

One Month Ahead

Packing up an entire household is time-consuming, so it is a good idea to start well in advance of the move. Start by packing items not required for daily living tasks, like seasonal clothing, sporting equipment, and fine china. Make sure to label each box with a location so removalists know where they belong when unloading the van. Remember, to move without the stress, prepare, prepare, prepare.

Alert AusPost of the impending address change, and start calling all of the services and subscription providers from your two-month list to notify them.

Two Weeks Ahead

It is time to pack up all non-essential items. Carefully sort them into three piles: pack, donate, discard. Set aside only the dishes and clothes needed for the next two weeks and pack the rest. Make sure to properly cushion breakables when boxing your things.

One Week Ahead

Take a deep breath. Then dive headlong into packing everything still unboxed. It can be tempting to place a mishmash of items into the same box, but keeping things labelled and organised will prevent a headache later.

Deep cleaning is in order, especially if you are leaving a rental unit. This is a good time to do it.

Moving Day

Pack a bag with essentials such as a few changes of clothes and toiletries. Keep that bag with you during the move, as well as any valuables and cash.

It is a great idea to have children or pets stay with friends or family on moving day so they are not underfoot or stressed by the commotion.

Always keep in mind that stress-free moving begins with a plan

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