Tanya Heath introduces Interchangeable Heels – Pure Genius

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Tanya Heath introduces Interchangeable Heels – Pure Genius

If you are a woman, you know how a pair of high heel shoes can make your legs look long and sexy. However, as beautiful as these high heel shoes are there has been a time in every woman’s night where she had to shamefully walk home barefoot holding her heels in her hands.

This is about to change once Tanya Heath’s interchangeable heels hit the market. These shoes will allow the wearer to switch between a 3.5-inch heel and a 1.5-inch heel with a push of a button.

Tanya Heath introduces Interchangeable Heels – Pure Genius

Courtesy Tanya Heath

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Tanya Heath revealed that her inspiration came about during her stay in Paris where she was ridiculed for wearing her ballerina flats to work and as a result being called ‘la New-Yorkaise’ so she stoped wearing her ballerinas in the metro. To avoid further ridicule she started wearing heels that destroyed her feet. This was sufficient reason for her to get inspired and create her own design of shoes.

The idea of having the choice to switch out of heels would be a dream come true for many women. No one likes to carry around an extra pair of shoes in their bag.

Tanya Heath also hints at a revolutionary handbag in the Huffington Post interview, and goes as far as saying that this handbag will be as amazing as the shoes.

This designer understands the pain women suffer for fashion and she is coming up with beautiful and creative, but practical answers.


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