Teen breaks world record as fastest texter

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Teen breaks world record as fastest texter

Many of us pride ourselves on being able to text while walking or while out at a bar, but one teenager has the best brag of all — he is now officially the world’s fastest texter. He has broken the World Record for fastest texting.

Using Fleksy, a keyboard app, Marcel Fernandes broke the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest texter. And he did it while typing, not swiping.

Fernandes, a 16-year-old from Brazil, typed out a 25-word paragraph in 18.19 seconds.
Ioannis Verdelis (founder and COO of Fleksy) couldn’t be happier. To try to beat the record, the Flexy held a contest that asked users to test their texting speed. They received hundreds of entries and found Fernandes through the contest.

Unlike Word Flow or Swype, Fleksy still employs a keyboard — it just also uses an algorithm to autocorrect and guess a user’s next word. A user can also customize its appearance, like hiding the space bar on the keyboard.

Fleksy, along with its fastest user Fernandes, has shown that swiping isn’t always necessary for speed.

Check out the video below for the record-breaking event.


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