Teen Nominated for Peace Prize

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Teen Nominated for Peace Prize

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old,  nominated for a Noble Peace Prize is the teen inspiring others to take a stance on climate change. It all started last year. When Greta every Friday skipped school and instead protested in front of the Swedish Parliament to demand more effective measures against climate change.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish political activist working to stop global warming and climate change. The schoolgirl behind the ‘Youth Strike for climate change” nominated for Noble Prize has inspired an international movement to fight climate change worldwide.

Greta is the youngest recipient since Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai, who was 17 when she received the prize.

Who is Greta Thunberg?

The Swedish teenager – who on her Twitter page describes herself as “a 16-year-old climate activist with Asperger [syndrome]” – first staged a school strike for the climate in front of the Swedish parliament in August last year.

After speaking at the UN Climate Talks in Poland in December and at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, she continued to gain international attention

Since then, she has been missing lessons most Fridays to stage her regular protests.

Ms Thunberg tweeted she was “honoured” to receive the nomination:


This young teenager is an inspiration to all humanity. She has inspired students all over the world to join her #FridaysforFuturedemonstrations. Greta has been missing school every Friday to protest in front of the Swedish parliament.

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