The 8 Benefits of PPC Advertising for Small Business

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The 8 Benefits of PPC Advertising for Small Business

Pay per click (PPC) refers to marketing through online advertisements. With the PPC model, you only pay if your ad gets clicked. Google and Bing are the two major search engines that display pay per click ads to their visitors. The following are 8 benefits of PPC advertising for small business.

Obtain Faster ResultsPay per click (PPC)

PPC can help you to get results faster than the search engine optimization method. It allows you to reach the top spot in the search result for difficult keywords. This allows potential customers to quickly get to know about your company even if they did not click through the ad. If people know your brand, there is a chance that one day they might buy from you.

Decide the Target Audience


PPC allows you to control what type of audience your ads will be shown. When setting up a PPC campaign, you can choose to use a more specific keyword so that the audience you get is targeted. This prevents you from having to bid on search terms that seem related to your offering but actually, customers from this keyword have no buying intention.

Obtain More Local Leads

PPC can help you to get more local leads, which is important if you operate as a physical store. People like to buy things from local places and they would always go to Google to search for the shops that sell the products in their neighbourhood. If your site is not yet established, it might not show up on top of the local search result. Using PPC in local searches will, therefore, help you to get more local leads.

Budget Friendly

PPC is a budget-friendly marketing technique. PPC platform like Google Adwords agency usually allows you to select your budget for the ad campaign. The platform has an analytic that allow you to measure the performance of all your campaign. This allows you to determine which campaign is profitable and yield high ROI. It will be safe to spend money on a campaign that is profitable.

Ability to Perform Different Tests

The PPC platform has a comprehensive range of tools for you to test the most effective ads. What you do is to write different ad copy with unique headlines and descriptions and run them for a few weeks. At the end of the testing period, choose an ad copy with the highest CTR. There are many different ad copy tests you can perform such as numerical abbreviations, modify pricing, and experiment with emotions, punctuations, emotions, landing pages, and CTA.

PPC Ads are Measurable

There are lots of analytics tool which you can use to measure the results such as Google Analytics and Word Stream. In the analytics, you can look at metrics like page view, sales, and signups to determine the ad that is performing best. You can keep tweak and refine the ads until you arrive at the target conversion goal for the ad copy.

Does Not Get Affected by Algorithm Changes

Every now and then, Google changes the algorithm to sort the websites ranking in the search result so that they can provide the best user experience. Some sites will drop in the ranking in the search result due to the algorithm changes. With PPC, your ad will consistently appear in the search result based on the parameters you customized no matter if there are any changes in the algorithm.

Allows You to Take Advantage of Business Opportunities

Sometimes, PPC can help you to get some of the customers from the competitor. For example, a broadband provider is unable to provide its services due to some technical problems. Right now, if you put up ads, you can expect to see more people signing up from you as people would be thinking of switching to another reliable provider from the provider that is facing downtime now.

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