The Best Australian Swimwear Brands

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The Best Australian Swimwear Brands

The land of perpetual sunshine, sea and sand is just the kind of place you’d expect to find some major swimsuit ingenuity taking place. When you hit the surf on any of the Australian coasts, you’ll find an array of bathing suits that you’ve never seen before. It’s a secret worth exposing to the rest of the world – that Australia is producing some seriously trending swimwear! The best Australian swimwear brands are making a name for themselves both here and around the world.

Get ready to find your new favourite Aussie swimwear brand!

The Best Aussie Swimwear Brands

The Best Aussie Swimwear Brands

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You don’t need to travel to the land down under to discover the best women’s swimwear brands, thanks to the internet, you can now check out these Aussie brands online and find your new addiction!

The 10 Best Australian Swimwear Companies

1. Seafolly

One of Australia’s most prominent brands, Seafolly, began in 1975 and has since gained international popularity for its quality, perfect fit (something for every shape) and statement pieces in pattern, texture and style.

2. Jolyn

“The most bathe for your buck,” Jolyn uses the highest quality fabrics that are responsibly constructed in the USA. Unparalleled designs for anybody that are 100% durable for watersports, 100% fashionable for sunbathing and 0% ugly – because who would want that?!

3. Triangl

This Instaready swimwear line has blown up social media and rocketed into the spotlight for its signature neoprene stylings. You can expect to find a suit in every colour and in all the trendy patterns like florals!

4. Zimmermann

For a timeless romantic bathing suit, Zimmermann should be your next suit. With frills, lace and embroidery to choose from, these one-of-a-kind suits need to be worn!

5. She Made Me

These internationally inspired swimsuits are hand crochet – with a 70s twist – in Bali by artisans and are as refreshingly unique as the woman wearing them!

6. Frankii Swim

The Aussie household name that boasts it makes timeless pieces that are simple, well-made and affordable. Their re-engineered bikini has been hyped about and worn by influential women like Rihanna.

7. Tigerlily

Founded in 2000, Tigerlily embodies summer adventures and uses unique textiles and prints for a one-of-a-kind suit. They also are big on sustainability, is it any wonder they’ve just gone international and opened a location in the USA now too?!

8. Peony

Aussies love Peony with its focus on providing feminine styles that will leave everlasting memories of summers past. They offer quality and consciously made swimsuits for any woman and now they also use sustainable materials.


Two decades of sophisticated fashions using fabric innovations for a more ethical product that takes 10 months to perfect using real models to get the shape right. You’re sure to feel confident in this well made and well known Aussie swimsuit.

10. Bondi Bather

Designed and made in Bondi, Australia this little company is the creator of “The Australian Cut” bikini, using high-quality materials with an impressive 50 SPF! Each style is limited edition so you won’t find a sea of Bondi Bathers at the beach!

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Photo by Summer Stock by Pexels

Looking to turn heads this summer? Look no further than these ten Aussie companies that have perfected the swimsuit. Bring home a piece of the Gold Coast and find your new addiction!

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