The Best Cardio Exercise for Foot Injuries

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The Best Cardio Exercise for Foot Injuries

You should not give up your fitness goals just because you have had a foot injury. It is possible to do some cardio exercises with an injured foot as long as you do them right and employ the right equipment. Thankfully, some cardio machines can be adjusted so that they do not increase your foot tendon pains.

There are great cardio machines like treadmill, which will serve you perfectly in case you have a foot injury. Therefore, you don’t have any reason to sit at home, waiting to recover. Depending on the type of injury you have, there are many other options that you can consider, as outlined below. The best cardio exercise for foot injuries.

Weightlifting Workouts

If you have a hairline fracture in the foot, you can try some weightlifting workouts because they are easier than cardio exercises. This is the time you should focus more on upper body workouts such as lat pulldown or bench press. These ones will not require or exert any pressure on your foot.

Lower body exercises such as leg extension and leg curl workouts can be ideal. They will help to ensure that you do not lose the strength or muscle in your legs.

How To Exercise With an Injured Foot

If you are planning to visit Instep Podiatry, swimming is one of the best exercises to do with an injured foot. While in the pool, you don’t have to worry about any pressure being exerted on your injured foot. It is possible to use any stroke you want. While doing this, make sure that there is a minimum contribution from your feet.

For instance, if you are trying the freestyle stroke, try to leave your arms and feet relaxed as you pool with your arms. To avoid any pressure on your legs, don’t kick. It is possible to modify the backstroke by leaving the legs relaxed while in the pool.

Modified Cardio Exercise

  • Row Ergometer

You should try some modified cardio if you have a stress fracture top of the foot. One of the exercises is called the modified row ergometer. You can modify the rowing ergometer if you have a foot injury but still needs to train. To do this, sit in a row machine and strap your feet in. Grab the handle and then straighten your legs. In your seat, sit upright and have your knees locked out. Slightly lean toward the back and pull the handle in towards your chest.

  • Battle Ropes

This equipment can be modified if you have a foot injury. You need to stand up and then slam the ropes together. You can as well slam them one after the other while relying on your whole body to gain momentum. To take off some pressure from your feet, place a pad on the ground and then kneel on it.

You should not stop training because you have a foot injury. Try the techniques mentioned above to stay fit as you work on your injured foot. Consider asking a trainer to help you do the modifications in case you need some help.

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