The Best Fabrics for Ladies Who Love Travel

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The Best Fabrics for Ladies Who Love Travel

You want to feel good when you’re on holiday. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the Gold Coast, or a sightseeing adventure in another country, you want the clothes you pack to be comfortable and work for you. If you’re after style and comfort with a lot less baggage. Stick to a colour scheme so you can create various looks. Pick one statement item, and choose tones that you can mix and match so you can look effortlessly chic.

Opt for lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-free fabrics. To avoid asking the receptionist at your hotel if they have an iron or steamer you can borrow. Choose versatile pieces that you can wear on those long days spent exploring. That also translates into nights eating out at the best restaurant in town. When you’re travelling and need to change up a little, it’s all about the accessories. They take up less baggage and can easily transform a whole look.

Here’s a breakdown of the best fabrics for travel to make packing for your next trip.


Linen fabrics work great for those tropical and humid destinations like Thailand or Bali. This fabric is one of our favourites for those warm getaways. Because of the coolness you’ll feel when humidity is the only thing you can think of. Look for timeless white linen dresses or linen travel shorts for a stylish luxury resort vibe. Linen doesn’t cling to your body and also dries quickly. Keep in mind, while it does wonders to keep you fresh, It does wrinkle easily. The good news is, linen doesn’t stretch. Try layering a lightweight linen maxi dress over a white tee for a long day out in the sun.


Bamboo will add the perfect layer of comfort to those cooler nights in Bogota. Great for everyday wear or dress it up for a glam look. Bamboo is stretchy, lightweight and will feel so soft against your skin. Bamboo’s moisture-wicking features make it an excellent choice for summer ensembles. It also traps warm air in its fibres to keep you warm in colder climates. Not only is it one of the softest fabrics, but its antimicrobial technology will keep the sweat at bay. Bamboo is a renewable raw material to grow and harvest because it grows quickly, and doesn’t require as much water.

Crinkle Cotton

We love this fabric because you can transition pieces from season to season, and it works all year round. The lightweight, non-stretch 100% cotton blend is comfortable and breathable. You won’t have to worry about wrinkles in this textured fabric because it’s treated to create a crinkly effect. Slip into a flowy Crinkle Cotton dress that will draw heat away from your body, so you’re always camera ready for the next Instagrammable moment.

Merino Wool

When you’re travelling to places where the temperature drops, you can always count on Australian Merino Wool to keep you warm. This fabric is also wonderful for those long overnight flights that can get very chilly.

Merino Wool generates more warmth than other fabrics of the same weight and keeps you comfortable in warm temps. As a bonus, you can wear it again and again. Without worrying if it will start to smell because it doesn’t absorb odours. You know, for those occasions when you don’t have time to do a wash. Merino wool is also one of our favourites. It doesn’t wilt or wrinkle like other fabrics and it dries quickly.

Wrinkle-free MaterialsTraditional-Garments

Whether you’re at home or on holiday, ironing clothes isn’t exactly our idea of a good time. There’s nothing worse than unpacking your dress for an evening out only to find a huge wrinkle down the middle and no iron in sight at your Airbnb. Pack wrinkle-free materials like denim, wool, or crinkle cotton. So, you can be out the door and exploring the top ten sights in your favourite city without any delays.

Breathable, Loose Fitting & Lightweight

While we all would love to be jet setting around the world. Few people enjoy the hours on end spent waiting at airports and sitting on planes. These are times when comfortable clothing should never be compromised. Pack a loose-fitting tee, something to keep you warm and comfortable and lightweight pants for those long-haul flights. Opt for materials that are breathable so you can focus on what movie you’ll watch in your seat, instead of too-tight fabrics that stick to your body.


When your itinerary calls for several different meetings and events.  Pack versatile items that you can wear in various ways on your trip. Wear an elegant scarf on the plane, and double up and use it as a cover-up at the beach. A woven hat can create a touch of fun to your summer outfit but also offer valuable sun protection.

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