The best travel inspired home decor ideas

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The best travel inspired home decor ideas

Home decor is no more just a mundane thing. Home decor is not anything less than art. People seek professional help to set up the interior of their house efficiently. And why not? Your house is a reflection of your soul. It resonates with your personality. It lets your guests understand the kind of temperament you have. If you are using a lot of white, beige, and a single dark brown then you are looking for sophistication and class. If you resonate with colours and like to play around with the colour palate then, you are someone who is into pop culture. People are also digging minimalism these days. It is trendy and screams class. But all these ideas are easy to achieve. To show that you are a book lover all you need to do is add some books as a part of the home decor. To show that you are into music hanging some posters will do the trick. But how does a traveller set up the interior of his house? Following are the best travel inspired home decor ideas.



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Decorating the house of a traveller has to be smart and trendy. The first priority should be the colours. Colours that you use to paint the walls can make a lot of difference. For instance, you will find red and some touch of gold in the house of someone who loves Jazz. Similarly, the house of a traveller will definitely have some green and some blue.


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The idea is to include elements like maps, globes, compasses, souvenirs, and so on, to complete the look. These are the elements that set a traveller’s room apart from that of a non-traveller.

How can you achieve such a look? A look that reflects the colourful mind and soul of a traveller is hard to achieve but not impossible.

  1. Get hooked to the vintage look: The beauty of vintage lies in the fact that they are ageless; they add to the aesthetic essence of your room; they heighten the ambience of the room. You must have seen vintage boxes and trunks as the background of some vloggers. They are amazing. From solving the storage issue; and adding colour, and you can store whatever you want in them. And they also add to the charm of the room. They are a closet in the open living space. What else do you need? Colour coordinate them smartly. Choose 3 different sizes so that you can stack one on top of the other. Go for the block colours like red, blue, yellow, green; the vintage boxes come with a little rusty and worn out condition. This adds a very ethnic touch to your room. The other vintage option would be the shelves and cupboards. These add to the overall rusty-chic look that you are trying to achieve. Don’t go for pop colours. For these, you should stick to the basic colours like brown, aqua blue, and so on.


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  1. Hang those memories: Why would you hide those postcards in the drawers? Now you can display them. Hang them in a corner or against a beautiful wall. Go ahead and flaunt them, let your guests see what all you have explored. They are the best keepsakes; make perfect souvenirs; and scream and exhibit your love for travel.
  2. Bring those globes out of the closet: Every traveller has an affinity towards globes. They are globe collectors; so why not flaunt that? Include the globes, use them to bring out the traveller look of your room. You can use them as table toppers, a nightstand, as a paperweight; they are so versatile that the options are endless. Globes enhance the classic representation of travel.


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  1. Map canvas: One thing that you will find in the house of a traveller is the maps. They are always there. Whether it be to mark the places that have already been explored, or just as a wall hanging, maps are traveller’s favourite. Maps can be played around with; instead of a classic map go for puzzle sets or canvas sets; this gives your room sophisticated decor.


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  1. Photos and Lightning options: Hang those Polaroid photos from the trips. Polaroids are always in style. The Polaroids give a very retro look and don’t compromise with the quality. You can hook the photos to the fairy lights to give it a comfy and cozy look. There are endless options when it comes to lights and photos; use LED string lights. Install some mini pendant lights to throw some light on the photos, in case you stick them on the wall. You can put up the pictures from all over the world; places you have been to; set them up in different rooms separating the different continents. Make these photos the centre of attraction by adding some uplight or downlight lamps.


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Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a travel enthusiast; if travel is your thing then you shouldn’t shy away from exploring the possibilities. This segment has become so popular that even the home decor websites have endless ideas that you can use and explore; surf through the sites to see what suits your taste. Travel-decor is something that is trendy and quite chic.

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