The Best Ways to Clean Upholstery

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The Best Ways to Clean Upholstery 

Did you know that there are many different types of carpet and upholstery fabrics and fibres? They all have their own cleaning requirements.  Depending on the type of soiling, local cleaning of the furniture with an appropriate chemical agent may be necessary and should be performed prior to general lounge upholstery cleaning; to ensure the best results for your precious lounge upholstery every time! Here are the best ways to clean upholstery.

Oil-based stains are difficult to remove

The easiest fabric to clean is microsuede, also known as microfiber suede. Some upholstery cleaners advertise themselves as “microsuede experts,”.  That’s a joke because microsuede can almost always be cleaned like new! The only stains that may not come out are oil-based stains. Microsuede is oleophilic, which means that oil-based stains can stick to Microsuede and become impossible to remove!

Be careful next time you sit down in your living room and enjoy a delicious, greasy meal;  such as French fries or fried chicken wings. Because dropping them on your lounge can leave an unsightly, indelible stain!

Bad odour removing

Pet urine can be a serious problem for your upholstery. As it can penetrate deep into the fibres and padding of upholstery if left untreated; making it inaccessible to the odour neutralizers commonly used in professional lounge upholstery cleaning. Odour neutralizers only work if they can reach the urine and chemically neutralize it. If the urine has penetrated the fabric your upholstery may smell fresh for a day or two after cleaning, but that smell will quickly fade and the urine smell will return.

Leather cleaning

As a natural material, leather is different from other fibres and requires special cleaning to gently remove impurities from leather. Cleaning alone is not enough; leather must be carefully treated with the appropriate oils to restore the natural oily texture of the leather; to keep it beautiful for years! With proper care, leather can last a decade or more than any other fabric!

Avoid excessive use of water or chemical

Finer materials like cushions, a thorough cleaning may not be enough to remove the dirt. When an upholstery cleaner uses excessive amounts of chemicals or water and is aggressive in its use, it may remove stains. It may, however, take longer to dry the upholstery completely. This trade-off can be avoided by cleaning upholstery regularly!

It’s best to blot up pet urine as much as possible with rags, paper towels, or a mop and water, and then call in an upholstery cleaning professional in Sydney as soon as possible to prevent pet urine from penetrating deep into the furniture. We guarantee that your upholstery will receive the best cleaning every time you visit!

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