The Different Ways eCommerce Has Taken Over Amid The Times Of COVID-19

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The Different Ways eCommerce Has Taken Over Amid The Times Of COVID-19

eCommerce marketing has seen a surge during the time of COVID-19. With companies like Nike seeing an increase in digital sales by almost 82% amid June and August. Many companies that hold eCommerce outlets have been able to cover their in-store losses; due to the benefit of distanced delivery. If there’s anything that COVID-19 has taught us; it’s that we can never truly predict the downfall that comes our way. While coronavirus has forced us to go completely digital today; we can never know if we might have to go completely offline tomorrow. The Afterpay online stores in Australia have spoken up about their experience during the times of COVID-19, as mentioned below: Let’s look at the different ways eCommerce has taken over amid the times of COVID-19.

Panic buying was responsible for a majority of the sales occurred

Needless to say, many individuals panicked as soon as the lockdown was announced. While many rushed to the stores to get their homes stocked with supplies; the rest chose to stay at home and rushed in to buy more safety/panic influenced products to survive this pandemic.

Since the commencement of the pandemic, people have preferred to stay at home in the upcoming months. Many resorting to retail therapy to allow their conscience to gain confidence for the next few months.

eCommerce observed a 5-year leap in growth

While the starting months of March to May were covered with losses for every industry. June raised hope in the eyes of the digital market, with many companies managing to make recoveries by cutting costs.

Retail stores observed several shutdowns, with many of their outlets being closed permanently. Luckily enough, this gave rise to eCommerce orders, with a surge in sales observed in all online stores. As mentioned earlier, stores like Nike were able to grow their sales by 82% due to their eCommerce stores.

While stores might have missed out on their on-floor sales; the eCommerce outlet made up for it with the help of digital sales. Since every piece of work was made to move to the digital network; the need for rapid growth in terms of digital marketing and eCommerce increased severely. To the extent where eCommerce has managed to insinuate a growth of 5 years within the past 6 months!

The digital generation is here

Every generation tends to react to different problems in different ways. As we’ve observed over the past few months (and even years now) Millennials and Gen Z have been the most active; when it comes to the awareness of problems and issues in the world.

We first noticed the change in behaviour of these two generations; through the times of severe climate change and the need to make a difference. Many Millennials and Gen Z individuals; switched to ecological and sustainable ways of living to begin their journey towards healthier earth.

Similarly, the pandemic has brought about a rise in concerns in the minds of the Millennials and the Gen Z. According to statistics, 96% of the two generations have shown concern about the pandemic; whilst taking all necessary measures to save the lives of those around them and themselves.

You can shop for whatever you want and need online

Stores like Kings Warehouse are offering everything you need – from bedroom furniture to outdoor furniture through Afterpay, online. With many retail outlets moving their mode of sales to eCommerce; online stores like Kings Warehouse have been making their progress in the digital market for years now.

Whether you’re looking for shoes, chairs, tables, or even food, everything is available online. Don’t risk it, stay home and shop safe – starting today!


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