The Home Visit Deals With a Difference

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The Home Visit Deals With a Difference

Epic birthdays and low-key Girls Night Outs really suck, girls don’t want that anymore. Every girl wants an upbeat birthday, a hens night that would allow her to break loose, let her hair down and have some cheeky fun, after all, such fun may not come every week.

Have you been dreaming of the best hens night in Melbourne? Or desiring to let yourself all out in a hot, exhilarating and one-in-a-life-time birthday, that is exactly what Sky Strippers offers.

Now Enters Jack Falcon and the Crew

Sky Strippers’ shows are great but what really sets them apart is the quality of male strippers. With the likes of Jack Falcon and other male strippers, you are sure to have an exceptional event.

Falcon and other hot male strippers offer action-packed and high-octane shows that will give your girls the most exciting experience.

Only the best male strippers feature in Sky Strippers shows. The topless waiters are ready to offer any kind of fun your girls desire, you can even book them for private events and strip all away with them.

The male strip shows are action-packed indeed. If you want, you can opt for a full nude solo and handpick your dream strippers.

Sky Strippers Home Visit Deals Packages

With some of the best home visit deals packages, Sky Strippers can make your event the talk of the town. The home visit deals feature-complete packages for any kind of event and you can choose any kind of package you want, depending on your budget and needs to get the best event possible.

The House Party Package

If you are low on budget and still want a steamy and hot hens night in Melbourne, laced with topless male strippers and sexy waiters, your best option is definitely the Sky Strippers’ house party package.

This package is packed with a full suite of features that will keep you and your girls entertained and in the mood throughout the event. Some of the features include 2 hours of house party games, 2 gorgeous topless waiters for your girls, one cheeky male striptease, Sky Dollar bills to throw in the course of the show, and hens nights invites to send to your friends. It also includes some optional extras.

The Full Monty Package

If you wish to go a bit wilder, you should definitely go for the full monty package. This package has a full set of interesting features that will turn your events up the notch.

It features some of Sky Strippers’ wildest male stripper package, 3 sky male stripper performed by highly reviewed full nude solo routine, hens nights to send to your friends, social media shoutout, and so on.

The Platinum Wings

Platinum Wings are the event for the queens looking for gorgeous kings. Here, Sky Strippers offers the best of its best. As a matter of fact, every feature of the full monty package and more are offered.

Some of the packages include 3 hours of a house party and drinking games, 1 sexy party emcee, 2 gorgeous topless waiters, 3 full nude male stripper performance, and so on.

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