The House That Looks Like A Spaceship.

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The House That Looks Like A Spaceship.

Behold, the WaterNest 100, created by Giancarlo Zema. This Italian architect has created solar-powered homes that promise insane views as they float over water. These floating homes are constructed with water resistant aluminium, glued laminated timber and recycled supplies.

EcoFloLife, the UK-based company that assigned the project boasts offering its customers the most contemporary architectural solutions and cutting-edge technological innovations, to live an environmentally friendly life. Allowing man and nature to live in  harmony.

The dome shaped roof features amorphous photovoltaic panels, allowing enough energy to be transferred to power the appliances inside. Even though the panels can produce up to 4 kilowatts of energy per hour, the dwelling is still regarded as “low consumption” due to its “internal natural micro-ventilation”.

WaterNest 100 has a 100 sqm circular layout, 12 m in diameter, with balconies conveniently located along the longer sides that allow to enjoy, thanks to the large windows, fascinating views over the water. WaterNest 100 has several possible configurations, depending on the different housing or working needs.

Where did Giancarlo Zema find the inspiration for this round shaped abode design? Giancarlo Zema, says he found the inspiration from observing the water nests of water birds about the globe in which they can reside and increase their young children in comprehensive harmony with nature.

 Not only is the shell made of recyclable supplies, the furniture is also created with sustainable products.

The House That Looks Like A Spaceship furniture
Designed with Mother Nature in mind, this 1,000-square-foot house is the epitome of eco-friendly elegance and features a living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
Best of all is this eco-friendly design is custom made and can be placed on any river or lake of your choice.

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