The Latest Bride Trends For 2019

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The Latest Bride Trends for 2019

It is that time of year. The Bridal Runways have taken place, and the trends are established for the coming year. Industry leaders tell us that the royal wedding has influenced many brides, and those influences will be seen in wedding venues around the world. Let’s take a look at the latest bride trends for 2019.

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Bridal Gowns

There are three contrasting looks and all of them are trending. The underlying theme is romance. Couples are choosing cathedrals, gazebos, castles, and villas. This year we will see fewer casual weddings such as the barn weddings of last year.

Trend # 1 – Bridalwear

This dress is traditional in cut and style. It is gathered at the waist and has a voluminous skirt. The dress is embellished with lace, embroidered trim, and sparkles. While the sweetheart style is popular, the trend (since the royal wedding) is long sleeves. To get the best of both, mock tops are being worn. The beautiful lace tops give the illusion of coverage while they remain sexy. They also provide the sleeves that are almost required.

Brides are selecting their colours based on their complexion. Fair women with golden undertones or darker women look best in bright white. Fair women with pink undertones are better suited for ivory. However, keep in mind that ivory flatters all skin tones. Some brides are wearing full gowns of the lightest pastel pink.

Trend # 2 – Bridalwear

The form-fitting, floor-length gown is another style that is hot for the coming year. Off the shoulder necklines, long sleeves made of the softest materials are in high demand. These gowns are understated and chic. The dress may gently flare at the bottom or it can be exaggerated with the fuller mermaid design. If the gown is embellished, it is done with pearls.

Trend # 3 – Bridal Wear

The formal pantsuit or jumpsuit has arrived. These outfits are made with the finest bride-gown material. The tops are uniquely designed to satisfy the tastes of the bride. They are easier to move in, more comfortable, and can easily be worn to the reception. This saves the bride the expense of a second dress if she is looking at a long night of dancing and celebrating.

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Must-knows for all three looks

  • The most important part of the bridalwear is the back. Your guests will see the back of you for the entire ceremony. You can have a plunging back, a back made completely of lace or any combination you like.
  • The bridal cape is still trending. But, it has evolved. A cape can be sheer so the back of the gown is shown. It can be lace trimmed and attaches to the next or shoulders. This replaces the train and usually the veil.
  • Tirias, are a must-have. Veils are optional but every bride in 2019 will want to look like a princess. This includes a beautiful tiara with sparkle and shine.


Bridesmaids are long, silky gowns of hues of lavender or purple. Plum, burgundy, wine, or royal purple is trending. Gowns can flow freely or they can be gathered at the waist. But, what if your bridesmaid is expecting a baby? You can select a gown that matches the other bridesmaids except for an empire waist. Brides and bridesmaids often marry while they are expecting. The industry leaders keep that in mind while they are creating designs.

As you can see, there are many options available for the perfect bride. Take the time to try the different looks and colours and you will have a lovely and happy wedding.

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