The miracle drug that can extend our lifespan

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Russian scientists believe they’re able to extend our lifespans with a new miracle drug.

The miracle drug that can extend our lifespans to 120. Russian scientists discovered an antioxidant that delays the aging process. It sounds like something from a science fiction film, but a pill to counter the ageing process could become a reality.

Researcher Dr Maxim Skulachev, from the Moscow State University project, said: ‘A lot of ageing diseases developed much slower.’ 

The scientists are using a ‘new type of antioxidant’, which they hope will impact  on the mitochondria, the energy-producing part of cells, which is seen as triggering ageing.

‘The mitochondria are to be blamed for heart attacks, they are linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,’ he said.

The Russian tests have not led to an significant life span increase, but delayed the onset of ageing, he said.

Dr Maxim believes he has found an  antioxidant that stops people’s deterioration process, the aging process. It’s been a lifelong work another two more years of testing  and the doctor thinks he might have cracked the enigma of ageing.


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